Sony PS5 Controller Has a New Name - Meet The Dualsense!

2020 is marked by the release of a new PS5 console and its powerful DualSense Controller. Is it going to be a drastically new gaming experience? Let's dive in.

NEW DualSense Playstation 5 Controller

From the very first announcement of the next-gen Sony console launch in April of 2019, the question of whether the PS5 will have a new controller has been much speculated. No matter how hard the fans were trying to find out information about the device, no PS5 controller leak happened until almost one year later, when PlayStation officially confirmed the release of its new controller called DualSense. This is a big move for the gaming industry leader, as they haven't made any drastic changes to their controllers in many years. The company let the name of the product speak for itself, giving a hint to fans that it's all about sense now.


But which sense was the brand referring to when confirmed the name for the product? No doubt is a user's sense of immersion. The PS5 controller concept is to deliver a deeper level of involvement into a gaming experience to players by keeping the fan's favorite PS4 features while adding new functions and retouching the design. When describing the PS5 DualSense controller, Sony officials used the word "transformative experience" and "extension of themselves" when talking about the user, which sets pretty high expectations.


DualSense PS5 Controller

The release of an official image of the DualSense in April of 2020 finished endless speculations on "How does the ps5 controller look like?" subject. The opinions on the device look have divided into 2 groups, with some calling it fresh and innovative and others considering it ugly. We think it looks fantastic and comes with a huge design breakthrough compared to the DualShock 4 controller.

The first thing to catch your eye is the striking two-tone color scheme of the PS5 controller. It is bigger than the current generation and looks like a mix of Xbox One and PS4 controllers featuring a different, more rounded form of the grips and an overall shape. The layout stayed similar to a large touchpad located in the middle, which is now framed with a blue lightbar at each side though. A Share button has been replaced with a mysterious Create button, the full functionality of which is yet to find out. The Playstation symbol stays in place, now fancier looking.

Will the PS5 controller have paddles? The mockup of the product has no signs of rear paddles, which seems like a strange decision on the PlayStation part, taking into account the fact all competitors have been offering the feature for a while. There is no way the new DualSense won't have remapping capability, so it's logical to assume a PS4 back button attachment will work for the PS5 controller, or an additional, pro version of the gamepad featuring the back paddles will be offered.


PS5 Controller VS PS4 Controller

Let's talk about PS5 controller specs now. The developers put a lot of effort into extending the capabilities of the device to the fullest, and the two most essential features responsible for immersing the player into the virtual world like never before, are haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. But what exactly is haptic feedback PS5? It's a technology a step ahead of usual Dualshock rumble hardware that is promised to simulate the next level of sensations. New adaptive triggers on the PS5 controller will contribute to adding more sensations to the user. Variable resistance levels of the shoulder buttons will be changing based on the activity in the game.

Good battery life is essential for such a powerful device, and the DualSense controller has it covered with a built-in rechargeable battery.

There is a built-in microphone that comes in handy for quick chats with the crew or voice search without using a headset. A USB-C port and a headphone jack are also delivered.


How much is the PS5 controller going to cost? Since no official price has been released, it's safe to assume the DualSense will stay in the $60 - $65 category, similar to the PS4 gaming pad price.

The PS5 controller release date is also uncertain at the moment, one thing for sure is that it will hit the stores before or during the holiday season of 2020.


Black DualSense Playstation 5 Controller

Mega Modz has a long history of modifying gaming controllers for PlayStation. It all started back in 2012 when our team developed a modchip for PS3, and we began offering it via its own site along with customizations for the body and buttons. We remember how back in the day, silver or gold bullet buttons were a thing, and everyone seemed to be crazy about them.

Our modding technology has developed since then, and throughout the life span of DualShock 4 controllers, we built several versions of our Rapid-Fire modchip, the latest one was released in 2019. We've created new exclusive features like Auto Heal mod, enhanced the gaming capabilities for our standard mods, improved button remapping functionality. Finally, we have developed a separate product for PlayStation, our 2020 Macro Master PS4 Controller, allowing an absolutely different, more customizable, and limitless user experience through its macro and turbo technology.

The release of the PS5 DualSense Controller is a remarkable event for the gaming industry, considering changes in product appearance and functionality. As our experience with DualShock controllers proves, we are passionate about what we do and can't wait to get our hands on the new PS5 controller. The project that includes developing a variety of PS5 DualSense modifications, including gaming mods, macros and more enhancements has been confirmed and put in the works. It is going to be huge! You can learn all details on upcoming functions in the latest preview. In two words, we are thrilled to take the controller apart, find its strengths and peculiarities to build a powerful modchip that will deliver the most exciting experience to our loyal fans and newcomers! Thumbs up to the upcoming Mega Modz PS5 DualSense Modded Controller, we promise to make it the most impressive one yet.

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