PS5 Modded Controllers - New Custom Designs, Release Date, and More

PS5 Modded Controller is just around the corner. Details on functionality, mods, back buttons, and exterior customizations revealed in the article.

PS5 Modded Controllers - New Custom Designs, Release Date, and More PS5 Modded Controllers - New Custom Designs, Release Date, and More

We are absolutely thrilled to bits as the new generation of PlayStation console is finally here. PlayStation 5 and the new DualSense gaming controller has been released. Sony promised the duo will have us immersed in an unprecedented level of sensing in our gaming adventures.

There have been tons of content posted regarding the PS5 specs from different sources, let’s sum it up. PS5 will offer enhanced 4k graphics (it is recommended upgrading to 4K HDR set for the top experience), a custom, game-changing SSD, higher loading speed, up to 120Hz refresh rates, 3D audio. PS5 offers all connectivity types: WI FI and Bluetooth latest version, and features all kinds of ports: USB-C, USB-A, Ethernet, and HDMI ones. It basically comes with all technical parameters needed for a smooth and real-like gaming experience.

CPU X86-64-AMD RyzenTM "ZEN 2"
8 Cores / 16 Threads
Variable frequency, up to 3,5 GHz
GPU AMD RadeonTM RDNA 2-based graphics engine
Ray Tracing Acceleration
Variable frequency, up to 2.23 GHz (10.3 TFLOPS)
448GB/s Bandwidth
5.5GB/s Read Bandwidth (Raw)
PS5 Game Disk Ultra HD Blue-rayTM, up to 100GB/disc
Video Out Support of 4K 120Hz TVs, VRR (specified by HDMI ver2.1)
Audio "Tempest" 3D Audio Tech

These impressive specs are nicely packed into a decent-sized gaming console that will come in 2 versions, a digital-only and a disc drive one. The second one will be more expensive ($499 vs $399) and larger (15.44’’ by 4.1 by 10.2) than the other one. To be more exact it is the largest gaming console ever produced by the brand. One of the most prominent features of the exterior is an unusual design with a somewhat standard looking console being embedded between two side panels. Another interesting thing about the PS5 exterior, besides its size and shape, is the fact that it can be used either horizontally or vertically with no effect on the performance. Playstation officials claim the size and the design peculiarities are due to massive performance improvements and overheating management.

What is new about the PS5 controller? It has to keep up with the console and it looks like it does. First of all is the design, of course. It’s something very different from traditional DualShock 4 controllers. The product is a two-toned (more color options will become available along the road) gaming pad featuring pointer handles but a smoother sense of flow across the surface if compared to previous models of the brand. It also has more prominent buttons, sticks, and a redesigned light bar which now surrounds the touchpad as opposed to being on the rear or top of the controller like used to.

DualSense key technical specs are spectacular and include haptic feedback allowing you to feel the environments, textures, and maneuvers on a whole different level. For example, feeling ice on a surface won’t be the same as feeling sand. Adaptive triggers will make you sense all in-game actions and interactions differently, meaning you will have various tension and force levels for every gear or event. For instance, haptics provided from hitting on the brakes will differ from feeling the active reload points on your weapon.

The PS5 controller will come with a built-in microphone to match a new 3D audio system allowing you to chat with your squad without using the headset. 3.5 mm jack is offered as well and most likely it will provide more quality sound still. This we shall find out.

The new Create button will substitute the former Share one and will serve a similar purpose but in an optimized and quicker way.

PS5 DualSense Controller

The question “How much will the PS5 controller cost” may arise, and it’s no surprise here, as the price of the Dualsense will be in a usual Playstation 4 controller $69.99 range.

Now that we’ve touched on all the important capabilities of the gadget, you can imagine the level of impact these features will have on your gaming experience in any title, regardless of genre or playing mode. So just think for a second how much more value a PS5 controller can bring to the table once upgraded with a Mega Modz modding technology. Every gamer’s goal is to be competitive, and upgrading the gaming gear is one of the most popular ways to boost performance. This is exactly where Mega Modz Gaming Controllers come into play and become hard to be replaced with another alternative. For those of you who are new to the modded and pro controller subject, it will be helpful to know that mods (or we can them pre-configured macros) are additional settings that can be used to play games, mostly first-person shooter ones - Call of Duty series is a great example of a compatible title. Mods allow you to complete maneuvers in the game in a smooth and effective manner without altering or manipulating the game code in any way. Technically you are able to do so with your own fingers.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Modded Controller PlayStation 5 DualSense Modded Controller

Before I leak more details on Mega Modz PS5 Modified Controllers, it may be a good idea to get familiar with key milestones in the Mega Modz brand history. You may be wondering why you need background information on a company if all you are really interested in is a PS5 Mod. I believe you want the best PS5 Modded Controller money can buy and are not up for getting an ordinary product that will make little difference to your performance or, even worse, breaks down. This is why it is important to know the seller, to get that confidence that you are shopping with a reputable modding company with a large fan base and getting the best gear on the market. If you are already a fan and know the brand or heard of then you can skip the next three paragraphs (although I suggest taking a look at it).

Mega Modz (formerly Mega Modz Planet) brand was established in 2012 when two passionate gamers realized that players’ satisfaction is directly proportional to gaming achievements. And since an average user often gets defeated by pro players, building a product that would add new abilities to play and help casual gamers compete with pro gamers, without having to invest tons of time in the process, was the most natural direction to go in. This is how the first version of Mega Modz controllers for PlayStation and Xbox appeared on the market, the technology of the brand has evolved and changed since then a lot. All outgoing gen controller specs can be found here.

In the meantime, another direction in the industry, controller exterior customization, was becoming more and more popular. This service allows for choosing various design enhancements and create more fun, personalized look for gamepads as opposed to standard factory options.

Offering modded and custom controllers were becoming not enough as the market was developing. Standard mods’ functionality was tied up to shooting games only, so Mega Modz developed a new line of products - gaming PS4 controllers with macro abilities. The main advantage of macro controllers over modded gaming pads is that they can be used with any game, regardless of the genre, and they provide a greater level of freedom to the player. Unlike mods, the macro functionality is limitless and was built to let the player customize the experience exactly the way they want.

Mega Modz Modded Controllers Mega Modz Modded Controllers

Besides supplying gamers with the latest technology, user-friendly navigation, and other advantages that improve the overall user experience, Mega Modz is on the mission of growing a community of like-minded gamers to allow users all over the globe share tips, ideas and expertise. Creating Blog and Community Forums are the first of the steps towards the ultimate goal. It doesn’t only help users make a knowledgeable decision about the purchase of Mega Modz products, but also makes each member feel like they are part of something large, and can use the power of the collective mind any time they need.

Finally here are the answers to the most popular question:

When will PS5 Modded Controller be released? Mega Modz expects to release DualSense modded controllers in January - February of 2021, with the Macro Remap functionality to follow in February - March. It may seem like a long time, but it is not when it comes to developing brand new hardware and software while making it as user-oriented as possible. Mega Modz takes a new PS5 controller modification very seriously and wants to ensure the product will be outstanding and offer features and user experience that has never been found before on modded controllers. DualSense is a beast gadget and requires the best PS5 modded controller to match it! Custom PS5 controllers containing no mods and just exterior customization may become available way earlier (hopefully in time for this Christmas season).

How much will the Modded PS5 controller cost? It is expected to be in a similar range as PS4 mods starting from $94.99 - $99.99 for a Rapid Fire PS5 controller.

PS5 Customized Controller - Build Your Own

Build Your Own PS5 Controller Build Your Own PS5 Controller

Elaborating further on the product exterior options we can confirm that yes, you can customize the PS5 controller. Different DualSense customization options will be available soon after the official PS5 release and will include most, if not all, popular components designed to transform the exterior of the controller as per your aesthetic vision. You will be able to complete the transformation within several minutes via an easy to understand Build Your Own PS5 platform allowing you to not only put together a 100% customized controller from scratch but also try various options while creating a design.

Exterior modifications start with the largest component which is a PS5 Controller Shell and continue with offering more options, colors, and textures for the product back, X/Triangle/Square/Circle buttons, the d-pad, analog sticks, PS and Create buttons. One of the most demanded features, Trigger Locks, will become available soon after the PS5 mod release on the Mega Modz website.

You will be able to save your artwork to your Wish List for sharing it with your squad or modifying it later. Our user-oriented PS5 Controller Creator platform allows you to pick up right where you left off. Getting an instant order completion and delivery date at the checkout that will depend on the shipping and assembly options selected is also convenient, as you will know the date when you will be able to put your hands on the controller, and this part gets very exciting. Build Your Own PS5 Controller so that it speaks for yourself, and our platform will help you with that.

DualSense Controller Mods - Exclusive Features & User Experience

Mega Modz Modded Controller For PS5 Mega Modz Modded Controller For PS5

We are gamers and we know gaming is not just an activity or hobby, it's a lifestyle. Understanding the gamer’s challenges and the importance of being competitive are the key factors defining our product development strategy. Often times a skill level directly depends on how much time a user is willing to invest in playing games. Basically, it all comes down to practice, the more you play the better you get. However, if you don’t have much time to play and generally are a busy person, you’ll be outclassed by others. This is where our technology can help by decreasing the gap between less skillful players and pro players and making playing games more fun in general.

Developing a modchip and releasing some amount of products all revolving around that technology is not a Mega Modz story. The gaming industry is one of the most vibrant and rapidly evolving areas in the global market. What works today may not work tomorrow, and it’s crucial to stay on top to provide the best user experience, to build and grow the trust in our brand. This is the reason why Mega Modz performs frequent software updates allowing us to keep up with the industry. The engineering team is always working on developing exclusive features, this is our passion and it helps to win fans hearts :) Among the latest releases the following mods can be found:

Auto Heal mod functionality is compatible with COD Black Ops 4 allowing your character to heal in the most efficient manner.

Check here to learn how you can repair your armor while staying competitive in Warzone with an Armor Repair Assist feature.

Warzone fan’s prayers finally got answered with the latest Mega Modz Auto Mark feature release. Auto Mark mod comes with a powerful ability to spot your enemies making it much easier for you and your squad.

The biggest winner would probably be an exclusive Mega Modz Macro Remap Controller that allows taking advantage of a number of macros and programming own values. All is done via the controller itself; famous turbo mod and continuous button press are also available on it. The key product advantage is that macros can be used with any title and gaming genre which makes the controller a must-have, universal tool for any gamer.

2 FAQs about the most important 2021 releases that are going to be a PS5 modded and Macro Remap controllers:

Will I be able to use a PS5 modded controller on the PS4 console? Yes. Although there is a high chance that you won’t be able to experience all the innovative capabilities of the DualSense on the PS4 as most features may not be supported by PS4 games abilities, PS5 mods will work on the PS4.

Will the Macro Remap feature be available on PS5 Controllers? Absolutely macro capabilities will be available for the PS5 users. The launch is likely to happen about the same time as PS5 modded products appear on the site.

To keep up with our technology releases and updates and/or to make suggestions on a feature you or the market needs, you are welcome to join or follow this Mega Modz Forums thread.

PlayStation 5 Controller Back Buttons

PS5 Controller With Paddles PS5 Controller With Paddles

One of the most demanded features on the market of pro controllers is back buttons, paddles, or any type of attachment offering more ways to personalize gameplay. Button remapping capability is pretty much expected on any pro controller today. Key players here are Scuff with its brand controllers featuring remappable paddles on the back and other perks increasing hand use; Astro Pro controllers offering 2 rear buttons for remapping, Razer premium controllers with 4 buttons for re-assigning button functions. Xbox Elite controllers are very advanced in terms of their personalization options on the hardware and the Accessories app as well.

Sony supported the trend by releasing PS4 Back Button Attachment that can be used with more than one controller which contributed to good sales numbers. Many assumed the add-on was a direct indication that the next generation of Playstation controllers will have some type of back buttons or paddles as well. The feature availability has been widely discussed and anticipated by the gaming community until Sony has officially confirmed the PS5 Controller Paddles or buttons is not something that will come in the default configuration with the product launch this fall. Breath, it will become available later though.

Will Mega Modz be offering back buttons for PS5? Definitely. We will develop another exclusive product named Advanced Back Paddles and release them as soon as launch sales of PS5 modded controllers. The option will offer some unique features and add an additional layer of flexibility for utilizing controller mods. The ergonomics will be focused on designing the buttons that will be the most user-oriented in terms of the shape and placement on the DualSense 5 controller. And the insides of the Mega Modz back buttons for PS5 won’t be limited by standard remap capability - there will be a macro remap functionality similar to the current one available on the PS5 Macro controllers. You will be offered to choose from a variety of modified inputs: Turbo (button mashing), Continuous Press, Double and Triple Tap, and a Standard Remap. It can’t get any more exciting than this.

Stay tuned folks, follow our Blog, Forums, and social media not to miss the release date and any important updates on the Mega Modz PS5 modded and macro controllers!

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