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PlayVital Performance 2 Pairs Shoulder Buttons Extention Triggers For DualSense Controller - Solid White

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About This Product

Upgrade Your Gaming Experience with PlayVital Performance Shoulder Buttons Extention Triggers!

Level up your gaming skills and dominate the competition with the PlayVital Performance 2 Pairs Shoulder Buttons Extention Triggers. Made from premium durable material, these lightweight and practical triggers are designed to enhance your gaming experience like never before.

Easy to Attach and Remove, No Complicated Installation Required

With an effortless attachment process, these triggers can be easily applied to your DualSense Controller without any complicated installation steps. Simply snap them onto your controller and get ready to unleash your full gaming potential within minutes. Convenience at its finest!

Ideal Accessories for All Game Genres

Whether you enjoy the thrill of FPS, action-packed adventures, intense fighting battles, or high-speed racing games, these shoulder button extenders are the ultimate gaming accessory for you. Gain a competitive edge and effortlessly navigate through complex movements with improved accuracy and response times.

Speed Up, Improve Accuracy, and Reduce Fatigue

Achieve lightning-fast reflexes and take your gaming skills to the next level with the incredibly effective extender function. By increasing speed and accuracy, these triggers allow you to effortlessly outmaneuver your opponents and make split-second decisions with ease. Say goodbye to finger fatigue as the PlayVital Performance Extention Triggers also reduce the strain on your thumbs, wrists, and hands, ensuring you stay comfortable even during the most intense gaming sessions.

Solid White Color - A Sleek Addition to Your Controller

In addition to their incredible functionality, the PlayVital Performance Extention Triggers feature a stylish and modern solid white color. With this sleek addition to your DualSense Controller, you'll not only be performing at the top of your game, but you'll also be turning heads with your gaming setup.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your gaming experience. Elevate your gameplay to new heights with the PlayVital Performance 2 Pairs Shoulder Buttons Extention Triggers. Get yours today and become the ultimate gaming champion!

Product Details

Item #: 00475
Country of Origin: China
Product Dimensions: 3.15 X 1.57 X 3.15 inches
Shipping Weight: 0.28 pounds / 4.5 ounces
Customer Reviews:
Date first available at 7/9/2023 6:44 PM
Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here
Shipping Info: For detailed shipping information please click here

From The Manufacturer

PlayVital Logo

Do you find your fingers occasionally slipping off the triggers of the PS5 controller?

These performance shoulder button extenders are perfect for pro and amateur gamers looking to get an edge over the competition.

Product Feature:

PlayVital PS5 Controller Trigger Extenders - Solid White
  • Specially designed for PS5 controller, not compatible with other controllers
  • It is made of premium durable material, lightweight and practical
  • Easy to attach and remove, no complicated installation required
PlayVital PS5 Controller Trigger Extenders - Style A and B
  • It contains two different lengths of L2, and R2 trigger adjusters, and two different thicknesses of L1, and R1 bumper adjusters, you can match them according to various games
  • Ideal accessories for shooting, action, fighting, and racing games
PlayVital PS5 Controller Trigger Extenders - Top View
  • Ergonomics trigger extenders will increase speed and improves accuracy.
  • Custom extended triggers can provide a greater range of motion, and increase comfort, thereby reducing the fatigue of the thumb, wrist, and hand in the game

Get the installation video guide on Youtube by searching "PlayVital Bumper Trigger Extenders for PS5

PlayVital PS5 Controller Trigger Extenders - Key layout and package set

Package Includes:

  • 2 Pair bumper L1R1 extenders
  • 2 Pair trigger L2R2 extenders
  • 1 set of cleansing wipe
  • 1 set of adhesive sticker

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