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Platform 2.0 Instructions

General Info On Xbox 360 Mods

LED Mods Indicator

The "Mega Modchip" software 2.0 platform was developed to make it easier for users to "mix and match" mods, on the fly, without needing to scroll through massive numbers of mods. Other mod chips advertise hundreds, or even thousands, of available modes that come with lengthy and confusing "setup tables". The "Mega Modchip"s custom LED board eliminates the need for confusing pre-canned setups and lengthy "mode combination lists", and allows the user to choose any three mods at one time:

When a mod is activated on the "Mega Modchip", the mod is represented on the LED indicator by a custom color. "LED 1", in the upper left-hand corner, represents all "shooting mods" such as Rapid Fire or Jitter. The other three LED’s represent the "special mods", such as Drop Shot or Auto Aim. All mods are color-coded, so the colored titles below are meaningful, and will match up to the colors you will see when operating the mods.

Player 1 LED indicates the following shooting mods ONLY: Rapid Fire, Dual Trigger Rapid Fire, Jitter, Akimbo and Auto Burst. Each of these mods has a certain color associated with it so that users will be able to see which mod has been activated at any time. Only one shooting mod can be activated at once (for example, if you have activated Rapid Fire and want to enable Akimbo, you will have to choose between them as both of them can not be used simultaneously). Each shooting mod can be easily replaced with any other shooting mod without any deactivation steps (for example, if you have Rapid Fire on and want to activate Akimbo, you will only have to enable Akimbo and it will automatically replace Rapid Fire on Player 1 LED).

Player 2, 3 and 4 indicate other special mods: Quick Scope, Sniper Breath, Fast Reload, Dropshot + Jumpshot, Zombie Auto Aim, Auto Spot, Auto Sprint and Turbo Melee. Each of these mods has a specific color associated with it and this color may coincide with the color of some shooting mods but you will never get confused since Special Mods are always indicated on Player 2, 3 or 4 and shooting mods are always shown on Player 1. Users can have 3 Special Mods activated simultaneously in addition to one shooting mod.

Once activated, Special mod on Player LEDs 2, 3 or 4 will always take an available slot in the following order: Player 2, Player 3 and then Player 4. For example, you haven’t activated any Special mods and have Player 2, 3 and 4 LEDs available. You decide to activate Drop shot and after it has been enabled, it will take the first available slot according to the order - Player 2 LED and will stay lit with Dropshot special color. After that, you enable Sniper Breath and it will go to Player 3 LED and stay lit with Sniper Breath special color.

If you want to activate more special mods on Player 2, 3 and 4 LEDs, you will need to “free up” a slot and disable one of an activated mods. Therefore, you will be replacing mods on available slots with the mods you want to change them with. For example, you want to activate Turbo Melee and decide to replace Drop shot with it. You will first have to deactivate Drop shot , LED 2 will become available. Now you can activate Turbo Melee on Player 2 LED and it will lit with Turbo Melee mod special color indicating the mod is on.

If you want to replace all 3 special mods with new ones, you just hold down mod switch and tap X button. LEDs 2, 3 and 4 will turn off and now you have 3 available slots for new special mods.

The controller will always remember the last setup before powering down.

Mod Switch

For easy navigation, we have installed one additional button on every controller - the mod switch. It is a small button located on the back of the controller (on the right-hand side). Mod switch is needed to perform such operations with your controller as turning mods on/off, switching sub-modes, setting up custom speeds in programming mods.

Holding down the mod switch will be your first step to perform any of these actions. You will always have to hold it down and then tap other corresponding buttons. Mod switch is only used for activating/deactivating modes, setting up a custom setting and scrolling between sub-modes - you do not have to press it for any other purposes during the game play.

Color Sequence For Mods

Shooting Mods ( Player 1 LED) Color
Rapid Fire Red  
Dual Trigger RF Purple  
Akimbo Blue  
Auto Burst Green  
Jitter Yellow  
Special Mods ( Player 2, 3 and 4 LEDs) Color
Quick Scope Red  
Sniper Breath Green  
Fast Reload Blue  
Dropshot + Jumpshot Orange  
Zombie Auto Aim White  
Auto Spot Yellow  
Auto Sprint Aqua / Light Blue  
Turbo Melee Pink  

Programming Mode

The following mods offer a programming mode: Rapid Fire, Dual Trigger RF, Akimbo, Jitter, Quick Scope, Fast Reload and Turbo Melee. The main purpose of a programming mode is that it allows users to re-write factory settings and set up the most effective speeds/units for favorite weapons/games and that it allows to find the best speeds/unit delays for future games in case there will be any software changes in the game and factory settings won’t deliver the fastest SPS/optimal unit delays.

Custom Rapid Fire Speed Programming (Rapid Fire, Dual Trigger RF, Akimbo, Auto Burst):

Users are welcome to re-write default speeds and set up custom fire rates for the favorite guns. Users can re-program speeds from 5 SPS to 99 SPS (keep in mind that every game has a speed cap pre-set by a manufacturer and if you go above it, your gun will shoot slower or won’t shoot at all). Please refer to our Charts to learn more about max speeds for these mods. Custom speeds are programmed by setting tens, ones and decimals digits.( For example, 16.2 speed = 1 tens, 6 ones and 2 decimals).

Custom Delay Speed Programming (Quick scope, Jitter, Fast Reload, Turbo Melee):

Users are welcome to re-program unit delays to deliver optimal performance for favorite weapons in Call of Duty games. To learn more info on unit delays programming go to instructional page of desired mod..

The controller will always remember the last setup before powering down.

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