Mega Modz PS4 Modded Controller & Armor Repair Assist Mod - Review & Tutorial

Common questions about a modded PS4 controller answered by a popular gaming Youtuber. Mod tutorial, in-depth review of exclusive Repair Armor Assist for Warzone and more.

Mega Modz PS4 Modded Controller

Welcome to the exciting world of gaming with Frank Sparapani. I continue the series of reviews of Mega Modz products. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to check out my in-depth review of a Macro Remap PS4 controller to get a better idea of different technology they offer. In this article, I will review and give a tutorial of the PS4 modded controller along with a brand new mod for Call of Duty Warzone called the Armor Repair Assist. The read will have sections dedicated to the product design, build quality and mods programming, ultimately answering the most popular “What's the best modded controller for ps4?” and “are mods considered hacking?” questions.


Controller Packaging And Build Quality

The controller arrived in a branded box with a fairly simple front and a very informative back that provided all the details on what the gamepad is all about. What stood out to me, is a phrase located down at the bottom of the box saying “Compatible hardware PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. I have a hunch that they're already starting to look into creating the next-gen PS5 modded controller.

Although the controller looks absolutely different from the Macro Remap one I built before, the fit and finish of the product is exactly the same as the rest of the Mega Modz lineup. It is perfect, feels secure, there's no squeaking or cracking or any visible gaps holding it, although they do have to drill out holes for the mod switch and remappable buttons along with the LED panel. The ability to use Kontrol Freaks with custom aluminum sticks is another important factor for gamers like myself. They do pop on like they would do on regular sticks and stay in place securely. Overall, I am extremely blown by the product build quality again.


PS4 Controller Creator And Customizations

In order to design your own PS4 modded controller with Rapid Fire, you'll start off by going to the Mega Modz Controller Creator. We will first start by adding a Rapid Fire to the modchip that will unlock two things for us - we can either choose a pre-set game pack or scroll down and individually choose the mods that we want.

I do have to say the best bang for your buck is to choose a pre-set up mod pack. Since each mod is listed at $7.00 and if I were to purchase these 11 mods in the Juggernaut package, it would cost me $77.00, whereas if I just add the juggernaut pack to my controller, I'm only spending $56.00. I did go ahead and chose the Juggernaut mod pack for my controller because it is compatible with Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone.

The fun really starts when you are working on making the controller your own. There are multiple colors and designs to choose from - from the body colors and designs to the colors of the back, d-pad, thumbsticks. You can also add remappable buttons and grips which add more usability to the product.

Mega Modz Macro Master PS4 Controller - Antique Bronze
Mega Modz Macro Master PS4 Controller - Antique Bronze
  • 5 Sub-Modes Technology
  • 2 Ergonomic Back Buttons
  • Custom LED Indicator
  • Mod Switch

Additional Options Installed:

  • Macros: Mega Modz Macro Remap
  • Body: Antique Bronze
  • Macros: Mega Modz Macro Remap
  • Body: Antique Bronze

You Save: (5%)

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Now it’s time to dig deeper into what a modded controller does for ps4, how the mods work and if they are considered hacking. But first let’s bring some clarity on the subject. What is hacking? It is a process that involves altering the source code or modifying the coding of the game or of a program. Mega Modz modded controllers or many others on the market do not have the ability to hack. They are not able to change the source code of a game, however what they are doing is applying macros.

What is a macro? It's a series of button presses, a sequence that basically adds an additional user input on the controller. Will take the Rapid Fire mod as an example as this mod is so popular and loved among gamers, but not everyone understands the mechanics of it. Rapid Fire turns semi-automatic weapons or single fire weapons into fully auto ones. Instead of you, the user, spamming that trigger in order to get that weapon fire as quickly as you can, the Rapid Fire mod applies the macro that sequences that series of on-off button presses of the fire button. Therefore, when you go to hold down the fire button, it simulates that the weapon is shooting like a fully automatic one. That's what the mods do - they are applying a macro, sequence of button presses, essentially additional user input.

Can you get banned for a PS4 modded controller? Sony recently licensed the Nacon controllers which have the ability to apply macros. I believe this is a 100% proof that macros are generally safe to use, extremely difficult to detect, and you don’t have to worry about getting banned for using them, just have fun with it, go out there and just enjoy gaming and have an awesome time! You can check out other users’ experience and express your opinion or concern on the subject here.


PS4 Mods Tutorial

There are a few important things to note. Number one is that everything is well written on the Mega Modz Instructions page. Number two, every mod has a special sequence of button presses to turn it on and turn it off, and it is important to consult the website so you know the exact button presses to turn on the mod that you want. Number three is learning some important controller components such as the mod switch that is used for everything related to turning on and off the mods; and the LED panel which will be the indication of what we are doing regarding the mods.


Armor Repair Assit Mod Tutorial Credit To Activision

The brand new Call of Duty Warzone mod called Armor Repair Assist has been recently released by Mega Modz and is a part of the Juggernaut pack. In Warzone you are able to apply up to three armor plates at once and carry a bit more in inventory. Once you press down the Triangle, your character is gonna put away his weapon and start applying the armor plates. It’s no secret that in Call of Duty it’s all about speed and efficiency. The reaction time is everything: you have to get the drop over your opponent before he gets to drop on you, you have to take him down first before he takes you down. I have to have both thumbs on the thumbsticks at all times, and that's where this Armor Repair Assist mod comes into play! What the mod does is applying the armor plates for you while freeing up your thumbs.

It comes with two sub-modes: sub-mode number one will apply all three armor plates for you just by double pressing Square and the sub-mode number two will apply one armor plate for you right after you stop ADSing. Check more on the mod mechanics via the Instructions page here.

UPDATE: Armor Repair Assist Mod has been updated after this review. Find out what has changed and join the community discussion on the mod features here.



I am blown away by the Mega Modz PS4 modded controller, its fit and finish are perfect. I did have my doubts about the two back buttons but after gaming with the controller for a couple of days now, I can confirm they are placed where my fingers naturally rest on the controller, making them very easy to use. However, they are on the smaller side for me personally and I find the style and the back buttons on the Macro Remap controller better than these ones.

Before I end things up, I’d like to emphasize that I have scratched the surface of what this controller could do. The capabilities of it are exceptional and the navigation is super user-friendly. Applying mods once you know the button combination, is actually very easy and straightforward. The Warzone exclusive Armor Repair Assist mod is extremely powerful and is definitely going to help you get the edge over your opponents keeping you very agile and fully in control of your character at all times. If you are looking for the best modded PS4 controller on the market, this DualShock 4 product is your number one choice.

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