Mega Modz PS4 Macro Master Controller - Review & Set Up

Looking for a custom PS4 controller with button remap and macro functions? Frank Sparapani will give his insight into product build quality, ergonomics, price, and setup.

Mega Modz PS4 Macro Master Controller - Review & Set Up Credit To Activision

Greetings to all passionate gamers! I am Frank Sparapani, a Canadian gamer and a live streamer whose mission is to inspire and motivate the gaming community. I have a mechanical engineering background, so it's a habit of mine to know a product inside out to deliver the most value to the reader and provide the most accurate information about the product. My review of Mega Modz latest Playstation Macro Remap Controller will touch upon every product aspect such as the design, ergonomics, price justification. I will answer the "How do you use macros on ps4 controller?" question and, ultimately, give my honest opinion if this controller is worth purchasing.



We are going to kick things off with design and customization - you can customize a lot on this controller and really make it your own. I was blown away by the number of options on the website you can choose from. Talking about just the faceplate colors, there you will find a color and a design for literally every taste. You can further customize the directional pad, thumbsticks, the PS button, operational buttons as well as the grip on the back of the controller. I opted to go with my signature colors, rocking red and black, and ended up adding a black faceplate, all chrome red accents, and the red splatter grip on the back. I did choose aluminum thumbsticks on purpose, as I wanted to test whether it's possible to use Kontrol Freeks with these, and I will touch on that in the Ergonomics section. With all that being said, we are going to get to the price justification of the controller.



The market for button mapping devices has become very competitive lately. There is a Strikepack that has been around for a while, costing $40; Sony recently released their PS4 Back Button Attachment priced at only $30, and now we have a Mega Modz Macro Remap Controller priced at $139. I am going to break down the price and really see if it's worth getting the controller.

The starting price of the product without any customizations done to it is $139. If we apply my special SPARA promo code giving you a 15% discount, it will bring us to the new total of $119. If we factor out the price of the controller itself, which is $60, it's gonna bring us down to $59. Once we subtract a $15 price of the rubberized grips that come with the controller automatically, as I previously mentioned, we get the final total of $44, which is in the same price category as the Strikepack and Sony PS4 Back Button Attachment. For those who are wanting to buy a cool customized PS4 controller with paddles, or are in need of a new Playstation controller and want a paddle attachment as well, it could be a great option. I am using the word could as it's going to lead me to my next point - the build quality.


It is another important factor to consider, as multiple companies on the internet offer decent paddle controllers for PS4, but the build quality is simply not good. They are not using original PS4 components, controllers break easily, and so forth. I've been studying and analyzing this controller a lot, and I can say that this is a fabulous gamepad. The fit and finish of it are exceptional, there are no visible gaps, everything is tight and feels good in the hands. Understanding they have to open up the controller to put in custom components and drill out holes for the LED panel, the paddles, and the mod button, I was visually analyzing it for any sort of a defect and there is none. The holes are not larger they need to be with everything being done precisely. I am beyond impressed; just holding the controller feels great in your hands, and that gonna lead me to talk about ergonomics.


Mega Modz PS4 Macro Remap Controller - ERGONOMICS

As I mentioned, the controller feels amazing in my hands, the macro paddles are ergonomically positioned to be exactly where your hands naturally lay on the gadget. It fits perfectly to my natural grip with my middle fingers being right above the macro paddles. It's easy to use, straight forward and super responsive - pressing on the paddles produces a satisfying click. Even for those who have larger hands, you will still be able to catch the corner of the paddle and it will still activate.

The next thing to talk about ergonomic wise is the aluminum thumbsticks. I love my Kontrol Freeks, so it was crucial for me to be able to use them with the controller. The aluminum thumbsticks I've chosen have the same dimensions as the PS4 original sticks, and my Kontrol Freeks clipped in easily, fit well, and felt good in the hand. Since there is no rubberized grip on the aluminum thumbsticks, Kontrol Freeks slide a bit, but when using it, you can't really feel it rotating. If I try to pop it off, it doesn't come off easily, so they pop on exactly as they would do on regular sticks.


Playstation 4 Macro Remap Controller gives you 2 remappable macro paddles on the back, and you are also able to change their functionality independently from the 5 pre-set sub-modes. I've put together a thorough video tutorial to help you master all functions and utilize it in the games efficiently.


After spending considerable time using the controller in the game and taking everything into account, from the design aspect to the price point, the product comes out to be pretty impressive. The exceptional build quality, the fit, the finish, the ergonomics, the paddle placement makes me call it my new favorite controller. The paddles remapping and sub-modes changing was not that difficult as well, as you can see from the PS4 Macro tutorial, which is another proof that Mega Modz know what they are doing and they are good at it! For those who are in the market for a cool, customizable controller with paddles on the back or for those looking for a new PS4 controller and a paddle attachment device, Mega Modz Macro Remap Controller will be your most obvious choice.


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