Best Xbox One Modded Controller - 2020 Guide

An industry expert talks about his experience with one of the Xbox One modded controllers, goes deep into mods functionality, and gives his verdict at the end.

Best Xbox One Modded Controller - 2020 Guide

What’s up guys, I am Mexzcali and my goal is to help you up your game in Call of Duty and other FPS titles. In this article, I’ll be doing a modded Xbox One controller review by Mega Modz and a detailed walkthrough on several mods of my choice. Ultimately, I will explain what a modded Xbox controller does, which will be especially helpful for those of you who are new to the concept and are debating whether the product is worth trying or not.

Meet Mega Modz - Controller Creator, Upgrades & More

Mega Modz is a company that has been around 8 years and has one thing in mind. That thing is gamers. This controller was built with quality in mind as I’ve had it for 3 weeks and have not had a single problem with it. One of the facts that I really liked about Mega Modz is that the shopping experience was completely pain-free. I got done modding my remote in about 15 minutes, and there are a lot of different customizations that you can do to your controller. This product is fully packed, it has 14 different mods, trigger stoppers, and 2 buttons on the back allowing you to pair any stock button. There are also a lot of different faceplates and backplates that come with a grip or just regular. Anything you can think of about modding your controller, you can definitely do with their Xbox One Controller Creator platform.

Xbox One Controller Features - Tactical Rapid Fire

Xbox One Controller Features - Tactical Rapid Fire

If you have never had a mod or anything of that sort, then it is going to take a curve to learn everything. Mega Modz Xbox One modded controller manual will be a great help in that. Now let’s get into the mods and start with the Rapid Fire. As you know, once you are using an assault rifle on MW, or any other first-person shooter, and hold the fire trigger, you will shoot 3 bullets. With activated Rapid Fire you will keep on shooting as long as you hold the trigger and use a semi-automatic or a burst fire weapon. The same thing will apply to your secondary weapon

The Rapid Fire has 6 sub-modes that you can change to, the first one is going to be 5 shots per second, the second one is 8 sps, and the third one is at 11 sps. On a sixth sub-mode, you can turn Rapid Fire on and off with just double-tapping the Y. Now when holding the trigger, it will only shoot once, but if you double-tap Y, it will have Rapid Fire, the same thing goes for your secondary.

To sum up, from sub-mode 1 to 3, the Xbox One modded controller Rapid Fire is pretty much increasing the shots per second, and from 4 to 6, it’s increasing the sps with Tactical on. In other words, given that the sub-modes 1 and 4 are the same thing, the difference is that on 4th you have Tactical Feature, and on 1st you don’t. If you want to completely turn the Rapid Fire off, all you have to do is to press down two buttons and the mod will completely turn shut down.

Auto Sprint Mod - Tailored For COD Warzone

Auto Sprint Mod - Tailored For COD Warzone

The next mod is going to be Auto Run or Auto Sprint. The mod has 3 different sub-modes that you can go through with the first one offering just aiming and running by itself ability; the second one being the same thing, but offering an additional jump and slide option if you like to, and the third one allowing your character to super sprint in COD MW. Navigating through sud-modes is simple, as well as turning the mod off.

Auto Heal Mod - Makes Healing Process Easier In COD Blackout

Now we are at one of my favorite mods - Auto Heal. What it does in a nutshell, it heals your character with you pressing X instead of the left bumper. This mod offers 3 sub-modes: the first and the second one can be used in Black Ops 4 multiplayer, and the third one is mainly for Blackout. With the mod on, you won’t automatically reload every time you press X but will get healed instead, and then you have to press double tap X for it to actually reload. The second sub-mode is my all-time favorite because it will heal you first, and then reload for you without you doing anything. This comes super convenient in a situation when you are shot and hurt. To better explain what the third sub-mode does, I will just say that it will hold down the left bumper for you whenever you are in Blackout.

COD Modern Warfare Warzone Xbox One Multi Mod Controller
COD Modern Warfare Warzone Xbox One Multi Mod Controller
  • Rapid Fire included
  • Mod Switch

Additional Options Installed:

  • Package: Juggernaut Package
  • Mods: Rapid Fire
  • Package: Juggernaut Package
  • Mods: Rapid Fire

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Fast Reload Mod - Reload Your Gun Like a Pro

This mod offers 10 sub-modes with each one having either a gun or class that you can use. The mod concept depends on the unit delays and lets you reload a gun faster, and you can relate to the Chart on the site providing info on which guns fit in which sub-mode. For example, having the KILO and the M4 on a class and using the first Fast Reload sub-mode, which is intended to be used with AK-47 won't let you reload because you are not on to the right sub-mode. But once you get into the sub-mode 2, which is the category where the KILO and the M4 are in, it will actually reload the whole clip. However, if you go back to sub-mode 1 and you shoot, it won’t do it unless you are completely empty. The mod mechanics utilizes a technic widely used by Pro players. When you double-tap on the switching weapon button (Y) right before the animation sequence of the reload is done you can start shooting faster. The Mod takes care of it automatically.

My Honest Verdict

Best Xbox One Modded Controller - My Honest Verdict

This is my honest review of the controller and I am not going to be nice because I have to. I truly like this product as everything works as it should, and all the mods are extremely helpful in-game. Even if you don’t want to take advantage of them, you can modify your controller so that it will boost your performance in a different way - think about adding hair-trigger stoppers or remappable buttons at your fingertips.

As for the exterior customizations, you can have grips on the back, change the faceplate, the buttons, the analog sticks, the d-pad. Anything you can think of modifying your Xbox One controller, you can do with Mega Modz. If you are shopping for a custom modded Xbox one controller, I highly suggest you look into their site.

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