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What is up, guys! Welcome to my blog and today I am gonna show you some awesome modded controllers that you can use for your Playstation 4. These are standard Dual Shock 4 controllers that have been modded by Mega Modz. They can do several cool things, and each of these controllers has a different functionality compared to another. The market is full of different types of controllers - you've got the Strike Pack, PS4’s Dual Button back attachment and even have a Dawn remap kit for the PS4 controller which is a kind of do-it-yourself solution. Pretty much every other company has some kind of customized controller, of course, let’s not forget Scuff and Nakon, they are out there! So how do these two separate themselves from the competition and what makes these controllers unique? I am gonna explain this to you in this review and show you what’s cool about each of these products.

Macro Controller VS Controller Mods

Macro Controller VS Controller Mods - Tech Savvy Buyer

The first controller is the Macro controller. It has two back buttons on the rear that allows you to assign different functionalities and do remap with them. The other one is the modded controller which has some mods you can install in it.

One thing I do wanna mention upfront before I give you a scoop on this is that these guys are a lot more affordable than going for some other alternatives. Currently, the dual button attachment made by Sony does offer the easiest cost of ownership as it’s only $30 to get upfront, however, you have to consider that you already have to have a controller.

Now if you want an additional controller and get some modifications to it, the Mega Modz controller is perfect. The company takes a brand new Dualshock 4 controller, the cost of that is $60, plus it does the modifications for you, so if you are one of these people who liked the Dawn do-it-yourself remap kit that I reviewed last year, but you thought it was a little bit too complicated and you were not comfortable with opening up your controller and doing all that stuff, Mega Modz will do something very similar to that.

If you want to get customizations like custom thumbsticks, buttons, the shell, the back - all that kind of jazz, you are gonna pretty much nickel and dime and add those things to it, and it can quickly get expensive.

Mega Modz Macro Remap Controller

Mega Modz Macro Remap Controller - Tech Savvy Buyer

First, we are gonna talk at the macro controller, I am gonna give you an up-close as to what exactly is in this controller, what it does and how it interprets into a first-person shooter game and pretty much any game you want to try. Next, we are gonna take a look at the modded controller and I’m gonna point out the main differences between the two.

In the packaging, along with the controllers, Mega Modz sent an instruction booklet which is a godsend and is also available online. You are gonna find yourself using it a lot because these controllers are advanced stuff. There is a steep learning curve for enjoying these controllers. No matter how good you are, what different controllers and remap kits you’ve been using - this is not like anything you’ve done before. It has got a lot more complexities in it, a lot more things you need to recognize and learn as you do with the controller which makes it even harder for me as a reviewer to explain to you and to teach you how to do it. However, with that being said, once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze to go through.

The Concept

Let’s start by looking at the macro controller that is custom made for me by Mega Modz. On the back, you’ve got two separate paddles, on/off switch and 4 LED lights that represent what mode you are in and what button has been mapped to the paddles.

Each light will go in a different color to let you know which button has been mapped. Let’s take a look at mapping one button. It’s very simple - all you gotta do is hold the on/off switch along with the button you’re gonna map to and the button you want to map together.

So let’s say I want to map X: I’m gonna hold the mod button, hold my shoulder button, and then hold X. Controller will vibrate, green lights will flash and then it will indicate the color corresponding to that button. In my case, the blue matches with X.

If I wanna change that to the Circle button - Circle will have a different color. Now that we have the button remapped, and this is a Simple Remap, by the way, if I press the back button, it will behave just like the button that I’ve programmed it to do (X or Circle).

The other cool thing with the macro controller that you can do is entering sub-modes, which means you can go into different modes with this controller. There is a modchip inside and it lets you program that button to behave in a different way than just a simple remap.

For example, I have the button mapped to Circle, if I wanted to do turbo, I’m gonna hold the mod button and hold the shoulder button for a couple of seconds, and once the green lights flashing, it’s telling me I am in mode 1. If I press R2, I can change the sub-mode, the number of lights that light up indicates what sub-mode it’s in. So as I keep pressing R2, I can keep navigating up to a total of 5 modes. When the green light comes up, it means you are in the fifth mode.

Pressing L2 will bring it down a sub-mode as well. So suppose I wanna go in sub-mode 2 - I press the mod button on the back, and now we are in mode 2. That means the shoulder button is going to function with turbo functionality which is very similar to Rapid Fire, this is great in first-person shooter games with semi-automatic guns. Once in turbo mode, and I aim and press R2, I get a single fire only, but if I aim and press the shoulder button, it’s doing Rapid Fire. This is useful when playing a game with a semi-auto rifle. It does it just by holding, I don’t have to press any other buttons there.

You can do the same thing with each controller button and can have up to 28 controller buttons configurations by deciding to choose which buttons/configurations you want to program to shoulder buttons. This way you have a pretty wide variety of modified button’s inputs you can use on top of the standard presses. It can behave just as a single remap kit or can behave in these different sub-modes the way you like.

Modded Controller And Mods Setup

Modded Controller And Mods Setup - Tech Savvy Buyer

Let’s talk about the modded controller. What is the main difference between the two? For starters, they both have a modchip, the led light indicator on the bottom and the same mod switch the macro controller has. I also got two extra buttons on the back as an add-on from Mega Modz. (It doesn’t traditionally come with the controller unless you wanna get it installed).

That’s what’s similar between the modded and macro controller, however in terms of behavior, they are completely different. You can do a simple remap on add-on remappable buttons, but you can’t do stuff the macro controller does like a double or triple press or any other sub-modes.

You can pretty much do only single remaps to these buttons. However, the cool thing is that because there is a modchip, while you are customizing your controller, you can add different modification packages for specific games you play.

These are highly geared towards first-person shooter games, I would even say 90% of the mods are for Call of Duty, Destiny, Battlefield and any other FPS that has a typical shooter style layout.

To activate the mod, you have to get Rapid Fire as the base one, which is very simple to activate. You press the mod button on the back, the shooting button and you get it on R2, but it’s not gonna get paired with the shoulder button like on the macro controller. The LED indicator will show you have Rapid Fire on (top left light goes red).

In the game, with nothing enabled, when I press R2 and hold it, the controller just single fires. With enabled Rapid Fire, it makes a huge difference, it fires non-stop. Another thing I can enable is Dropshot (mod switch +Circle button), and every time I shoot, it is automatically going to drop down which is very helpful when playing Call of Duty type of games.

There are several different mods you can get onto the controller - Quick Scope, Rapid Fire, Dropshot, Akimbo and the whole bunch of stuff for only $7 for a mod. I would personally recommend picking up one of the larger packages because it includes a ton of mods at once. This is basically how you use this functionality and how it can get you a competitive edge in first-person shooter games such as Call Of Duty.

Guys, you’ve had a chance to understand what a macro controller does vs what a modded controller does. A macro controller can program a single button at the time to a single paddle, so at max, you can have two paddles set with two different buttons.

Also, you can adjust the timings for the presses for the turbo modes, the sub-modes that have a double tap, triple tap, on how fast you want those actions to be done. Inside the brain, there is a modchip doing all those things. It’s really good for the beginner level, a gamer going on more to experience, who is comfortable doing modifications to the different timings. The operational booklet includes all the instructions to do that.

The modded controller comes with mods built into it, it’s very similar to how a Strike pack attachment used to work. The main difference between the two is that with the Strike pack attachment you have to pay for the different modifications, put it into computer software, download that and go through all your settings to get the mods to work.

With Mega Modz modded one, first, you pay for modifications upfront when you are making your selection at the checkout, and second, it’s done on the fly on the actual controller. With a tap of a few buttons, you can access those mods, put them on the controller, and it’s gonna work flawlessly.

The other cool thing is that because there is a modchip in it, it intelligently recognizes if you change your buttons. For example, if you want to change your R2 shooting button to R1, and you set you R2 as Rapid Fire when you turn your Rapid Fire on, it’s gonna know that Rapid Fire should be set to the higher button, so if you change that to R1, it’s going to change that along with it. It’s a super cool feature that Mega Modz pays attention to, it’s small but I think you should come to appreciate it.

The Bottom Line

What Can Macros Do For a Gameplay?

Between the two, I’ll leave that up to you to decide which controller is right for you. I enjoyed using the modded controller, it gave me the extra buttons on the back that I wanted to use and program to different functions such as jumping. And also, it has all the good features to use for first-person shooters.

The macro controller has its use outside of just FPS, and you can also do the Rapid Fire similar to a modded one. You can use the product with all types of games, while the modded controller you can find playing on with the first-person shooter - this is one of the major differences.

So if you pay a lot of money for a modded controller, you pretty much will be using extra functionality with FPS titles plus use the controller for regular needs. With macro one, you can sign in to any games, God Of War for example or anything that requires you to do buttons mashing in certain sequences. This controller is really useful in situations like that as you can program it to be anything of the buttons you want. It will also be great in wrestling games.

Both controllers are well in terms of quality, customization ability and they give you a lot of functionality. They separate themselves from the competition as you can program them on the fly, you don’t need to hook up any special software to them. Remember you get 5 sub-modes inside the macro controller, where you can do turbo, double tap, triple tap, continuous press or simple remap. A modded one will be my personal go-to from now on paying COD and that kind of stuff and if you see me using semi-automatic like crazy, know I’m playing with that.

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