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Watch a VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to operate RAPID FIRE PS5 mod 🔥


You will learn the default setttings, how to activate/deactivate the mod, switch between the sub-modes and program own settings. 


Step-by-step PS5 Rapid Fire Written Instructions and more tips.


Any questions? Ask us - we are always here to help. 



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2 hours ago, Richard Keller said:

Is the Rapid Fire mod only for the Shoulder Buttons?  Or can it be mapped to any button?

Hello Richard,


Thank you for your question.


In the case of the Rapid Fire Mod, It only can be mapped to the R2 button by default. However, there is a feature called Button Layouts (aka Button Maps). If selected, it will allow the user to map Rapid Fire to R1, L1 & L2 buttons.

Quick note, the Rapid Fire feature only implies the controller Shoulder Buttons. The ability to have "Rapid Fire" on the other controller operational buttons is oftentimes called the Turbo function.


Our Controllers don't offer such a feature (Turbo function on stock buttons) since it would make a game unplayable. By trading a stock controller button input to the Turbo one the user losses the standard game input function in the game, meaning he/she won't able to perform the action required since the stock controller button input has been altered. 


The solution for that is to have additional modified input on the Back Buttons/Paddles. This is what our controllers are capable of. Any stock controller button can be mapped to the back paddles and further configured as Turbo presses. More information can be found here:



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