The New Battlefield - Latest News, Release Date And More

After the DICE Battlefield 5 opening event, a lot of information on the shooter gameplay, modes, release date and compatible platforms has been revealed.

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As it became known at the EA Dice event, Battlefield 5 will be released on October 19, 2018, however, for those with pre-orders, a beta version will traditionally become available earlier. Gamers will be able to enjoy the game on PC, Xbox One and PS4. The game will feature the World War 2 setting , continuing the experience of Battlefield 1 and offer both familiar modes and some new, surprising elements.

There will be no loot boxes anymore, instead new content will becoming accessible as the game progresses and it will be free for all players, which will eliminate differentiating users’ according to DLC possession.

BF5 will please its fans with a range of new options and cool soldier abilities announced in the gameplay. The way the destruction and building activities will be implemented in the upcoming experience has changed. You will have fun smashing buildings that will be coming down the natural, physics-based way, killing the opponents inside and construct new elements in the game via new rebuilding abilities of your character. By the way, your soldier will be much more flexible via added movement maneuvers like proning on the back, rotating from the back to the front etc. You will even be able to get the wounded teammate out of the fire line.

Other interesting innovations, aimed at making the combat more strategic and fierce, affected an ammo supply level, which is going to be short this time around. It has changed respawn screen options allowing you to decide on a further strategy based on the team performance. Spotting system has also been modified and will be highlighting the areas of increased danger and healing abilities.

Battlefield 5’s New Multiplayer, Modes, And Services

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The multiplayer will feature Domination, Team Deathmatch and Conquest along with new exciting additions such as Tides of War, a live service delivering several 2-3 months long chapters covering different phases of WW2 and offering unique rewards to the players; Grand Operations with each of its matches setting a different goal and performance level; and Airborne mode featuring a lot of parachuting activity focused on either defending your teammates or destroying opponent artillery.


The great news is BF5 will include a co-op. It will be called Combined Arms offering four-player availability and challenging missions for your squad. There is no way to predict a goal of any mission as they will be randomly generated, engaging you into different activities each time. In addition to a fresh and non-repetitive content of the mode, it will also serve as a gap between a single player and a multiplayer gameplays. You will be able to use any rewards earned in all other BF5 modes.


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A yet mysterious, but very appealing the Grand Operations mode, based on familiar BF1 Operations, will deliver a deeper, tenser multiplayer experience with impressive rewards. It will take place during four in-game days with each of the days indicating a new stage in the battle and affecting the following stage. Dice provided an example of phase one where a paratrooper attack takes place on the Rotterdam map. Your job is to minimize losses to be fully prepared for the main attack forces that will occur at the second stage. The main attack will imply more bloodshed, more ammo, and more challenge. In phase three you will be completing the challenge, fighting in what’s left after the attack, the ruins of Rotterdam. And the final phase, or day four, will feature a battle royale mode done the Battlefield way, where each player will only have one life and a small ammo supply. The last team standing during this intense fight wins.


The mode is going to be a live service by Battlefield 5 and will include a series of stories from the World War 2. Each story, referred to as a Chapter, will be associated with a certain period of the real war and will be going on for two to three months. Each chapter will be linked to a specific Grand Operations stage delivering new missions, exclusive rewards, maps set in various European cities and amazing weapons. A Grand Operation will be available to you only during the timing of the Tides of War chapter associated with it and will disappear once the story is finished. Available rewards will include unique customizations for your character and armory that won’t be accessible after the end of the chapter. This way, you will be able to demonstrate another player all battles you have participated in.

Battlefield 5 Single Player Campaign

The New Battlefield 5

There haven’t been many details leaked on the single-player campaign, however, DICE has confirmed it will appear in the shooter and will be played in co-op, offering the experience similar to BF1 War Stories. It looks like some of the single-player mode content will be linked to the Tides of War chapters, so they may not be available until the season for an associated chapter begins.

Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode is in Development

With battle royale video game genre taking over the gaming community worldwide, Battlefield 5 will be no exception. It has been confirmed that the shooter will feature this enormously popular Fortnite like experience in the form of the Grand Operations mode extension. It has been leaked that the stage will be called The Last Stand and will be accessible to users free of charge. As no more details have been revealed, we are impatiently waiting for more information while the works on the mode are in progress.

Customization, Unlockables, And Cosmetics

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Battlefield 5 is all about customization, unlocking unique items, weapons, and gear. You will get engaged in an entertaining, never-ending process of upgrading the appearance of your gaming character, everything from the looks to the gender can be changed. Enhancing your vehicles and weapons arsenal becomes fun with unlocking more and more exclusive gadgets and parts as you level up in the game. Unlike the previous titles of the series, BF5 offers the ability to unlock the weaponry in any order as long as you have enough points to get it. The game encourages players to be proactive and offers a lot of ways to earn more points from just playing the game to completing special assignments. There will also be a special BF5 currency allowing players to buy desired upgrades, no further details on it have been confirmed.

While the Battlefield community is waiting for additional information on the gameplay, battle royal and other modes availability, once thing is known for sure - 2018 franchise entry is going to be epic, the most ambitious and richest BF game we have experienced so far. We will share more details with you soon, folks!

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