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Hi guys, 

We are happy to introduce a new option for PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers - Smart Triggers!

Smart Triggers VS Regular Triggers:

Smart Triggers have a plastic switch under them that makes the connection to the wires once you press the button (as opposed to Stock Triggers that complete the action with a rubber component)

Smart Triggers Pros n Cons

Precise in-game control and feedback
Faster input and response time
Significantly longer lifespan (20 million keypresses VS 5 million for Stock Triggers)

Versatility (not suitable for racing games)



The feature can be added to a Xbox Series X or PS5 controller on Controller Builder platform. 

More exciting stuff is on the way, stay tuned! 

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On 12/3/2021 at 8:22 AM, Michael Angelozzi said:


Can you tell me when the mechanical shoulder buttons (smart triggers) for the ps5 will be back in stock. I have been patiently waiting for what seems an eternity to order a controller. Was told by the support team they would be available late November but still waiting.


Hello Michael, 

We appreciate your patience so much and hate keeping you waiting. The batch with the parts we need to start offering the mechanical trigger has finally dispatched and is in transit. 

The option will be back in less than 2 weeek. Solid.  

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The Mechanical Shoulder Hair Trigger & Bumpers Buttons for the PS5 controller are UPDATED and AVAILABLE NOW!

Add the option  to your PS5 controller NOW https://megamodz.com/PS5-Custom-Controller


With it, your buttons will react more flexibly and stable during the game.


The ergonomic design micro switches are more stable and durable, work by pressing at 0.6N and 1.2N depending on the model (stiff or soft), and have an increased lifespan of over 3 million cycles.


Product Features:


The Micro Switch Clicky hair trigger kit will always maintain full speed in racing games.


The Micro Switch Clicky trigger kit will significantly improve the function of shoulder buttons on the PS5 controller.


These accessories will help you fire faster and save valuable time during fast FPS or shooter games.


The micro switch is added to the kit, providing an excellent button touch. It is more durable and practical, unlike  the soft and weak sound before.


Just press down 0.5mm, and the function of L1-R1 can be triggered, saving 1 times the distance.


The distance of R2-L2 can be shortened by more than 4.6 times, you can shoot gently down 1.5mm.


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Hi Dennis, 


It's a new feature and I am happy to tell you more about it. 

4 minutes ago, Dennis Philipino said:

What is the difference between the stiff and short versions of the smart triggers & bumpers?

“Soft” and “Stiff” refer to the push force which is the amount of power you need to generate to engage these mechanisms. The Soft version has a 0.6 N micro switch, the Stiff one has a 1.2 N. 


5 minutes ago, Dennis Philipino said:

Does it make a clicking sound when pressed?

They both feel like a mouse click but with different resistance and they both produce a clicky sound.


7 minutes ago, Dennis Philipino said:

And which one would you recommend for fps?

This mainly depends on your gaming style and how hard you prefer to push buttons on your controller. I hope this helps. Let us know which option you ended up getting and how its working out for you 😀

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11 hours ago, GABRIEL KELLEY said:

do really need mechanical face buttons if I have paddles.

Hello Gabriel, 


The features of mechanical face buttons and paddles are not connected. 


Face buttons are the way to go If you're looking for fast input and response times. That's because they require minimal travel distance to activate, so you can get stock button commands in quickly.


With paddles, you map any controller button commands to to back paddles and program with one of several macros offered. Once pressed, the programmed paddle will press the mapped button for you. There are  3 levels of macros you can choose from via:


Standard Remap - Remap

Advanced - Remap + Turbo

Macro Remap - Remap + Turbo + Auto Double/Triple Tap + Continious Press


You can have both features or select either. 


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11 hours ago, GABRIEL KELLEY said:

plz, when will this be back in stock and ps5 soft touch black trim I need to order it this weekend.  Thank you

We have the date when it'll be in stock.


It is Thursday, December the 22nd. Sorry about the delay. It was supposed to arrive a little earlier but the shipment got delayed due to the holyday season. 

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