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Hi guys, 

We are happy to introduce a new option for PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers - Smart Triggers!

Smart Triggers VS Regular Triggers:

Smart Triggers have a plastic switch under them that makes the connection to the wires once you press the button (as opposed to Stock Triggers that complete the action with a rubber component)

Smart Triggers Pros n Cons

Precise in-game control and feedback
Faster input and response time
Significantly longer lifespan (20 million keypresses VS 5 million for Stock Triggers)

Versatility (not suitable for racing games)

The feature can be added to a Xbox Series X or PS5 controller on Controller Builder platform. 

More exciting stuff is on the way, stay tuned! 

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On 12/3/2021 at 8:22 AM, Michael Angelozzi said:


Can you tell me when the mechanical shoulder buttons (smart triggers) for the ps5 will be back in stock. I have been patiently waiting for what seems an eternity to order a controller. Was told by the support team they would be available late November but still waiting.


Hello Michael, 

We appreciate your patience so much and hate keeping you waiting. The batch with the parts we need to start offering the mechanical trigger has finally dispatched and is in transit. 

The option will be back in less than 2 weeek. Solid.  

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