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Modded controller for warzone

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7 hours ago, Wayne Lee said:

What is the best controller for Warzone?

Hi there, Mega Modz offers a variety of mod packs compatible with Warzone that can be added to your order all at once via JUGGERNAUT multi mo pack or individually from Mods Menu. Here is a list of compatible mods https://megamodz.com/games/cod/warzone.  I suggest checking out the link, there will be a list with mods icons, you can click on each one to read about mod functionality and how to use it.

Another great news is that we just released a brand new Warzone exclusive mod - Armor Repair Asssit  which is also a part of the Juggernaut pack.





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1 minute ago, Wayne Lee said:

Will it help with my aim and recoil?

JUGGERNAUT offers a lot of features, there is no special anti-recoil mod, Rapid Fire will make fully auto weapons more effective and accurate at long range as it decreases the fire rate. There is no Aim Assist available for Warzone, but mods like Quick Scope, Sniper Breath will help you aim better. 

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13 minutes ago, Wayne Lee said:

How do I get Juggernaut mod?

You visit Controller Creator page and click on Add Rapid fire option on the right to unlock mods, then select JUGGERNAUT from Mods menu:

https://megamodz.com/controller-creator/build-your-own-xbox-one-controller -for Xbox One 

https://megamodz.com/controller-creator/build-your-own-ps4-controller - for PS4

juggernaut ps4.png

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3 hours ago, Jason Letherman said:

Hello- I ordered my Controller on 6/3 and Purchased the Juggernaut package- since then the Armor Repair assist has been released, My controller is planned on being built on 7/1. Will it include the Armor assist? If not can it be updated on the order?   

Hello, thank you for visiting our forums and for your questions. We released a brand new Armor Assist Repair mod on 6/1/20,  and all orders with added Juggernaut mod pack, shipped on or after this date, automatically include the feature. Your controller will have the Armor Repair Assist mod as well. You can check out the updated list of Warzone compatible mods here: https://megamodz.com/games/cod/warzone

Another cool news it that we're working on the update for the Armor Repair Assist. It will have an additional sub-mode and the 2ND sub-mode will be tweaked a bit to increase the usability. Therefore, you will be getting the latest version of the feature?

A fun way to get familiar with the mod mechanics is checking this video review out. 

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