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  1. I find this hard to believe as the Controller was built 8 days ago- I received the controller on the 7th (today is the 9th) tried to setup the Armor assist and immediately posted in this forum. I've only had the controller 2 days as of this post. This seems unacceptable
  2. Guys- I received my Juggernaut controller and I love it so far- but when activating the armor assist i can only get 2 sub lights to show, I want the 3rd which is what i understand to be a combo of the two, but i can only get the 2 lights . Help........
  3. Hello- I ordered my Controller on 6/3 and Purchased the Juggernaut package- since then the Armor Repair assist has been released, My controller is planned on being built on 7/1. Will it include the Armor assist? If not can it be updated on the order?
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