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As Mega Modz is going to start offering PS5 Custom Controllers soon and available personalizations will include different colors and textures for most controller components such as: body/skin, back, buttons, sticks, d-pad etc..

We would love to get some ideas from YOU! Share pictures of your actual controller or a design you have in mind

This is mine¬†ūüėÄ


my ps5 design.png

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9 hours ago, Thomas Scott said:

Something with a clear¬†case and the LED lighting would be coolūüėć

Hi Tomas,

Not sure about LED lighting yet, but we will definitely have clear PS5 shell designs in different colors (Purple, Red, Crystal Clear and more) in January - February. Please stay tuned by following this topic. We will be posting updates frequently. 

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Hi guys,

We just added a new functionality to Controller Creator platforms for all systems. 

Saving and sharing your gaming controller design has become very easy.

You can now customize your controller the way you wish and DOWNLOAD the artwork to your device. 

The downloaded image will also have a QR code. Once scanned, it will take you to your configured controller on our site and show you all details on the product such as price and custom options added.

Use the image in the Forums, share with your friends, save for future reference...

The DOWNLOAD button is located right under a product photo in a Controller Creator

To Build Yours:

PS5 Controller Creator

Xbox Series X Controller Creator

PS4 Controller Creator

Xbox One Controller Creator

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Creator




PS5 Custom Controller Creator - Build Your Own _ M.png

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