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  1. Check out this epic scoop from Sportskeeda, the biggest global sports and esports content platform. Senior esports and gaming expert, Jason Parker,  got his hands on Mega Modz's new FPS Pro PS5 controller decked out with mechanical buttons, triggers, and four of back paddles. He's been diving deep into his favorite games, including Street Fighter 8, Baz Blue, and the Warzone mayhem. See his verdict on how this bad boy handled the heat in the gaming arena here www.sportskeeda.com/gaming-tech/mega-modz-playstation-5-pro-controller-review


    The Mega Modz controller doesn't disappoint (Image via Sportskeeda)

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  2. Hi there, 

    3 hours ago, Brad Ditto said:

    bind both my jump and slide stock buttons to a single back trigge

    Our back button macro technology allows mapping one controller button to a macro button at the time.


    3 hours ago, Brad Ditto said:

    I play Apex legends

    For an optimized experience with the Apex controller, I suggest the following modifications:

    - Advanced Back Buttons equipped with both turbo functionality (for button mashing) and remap macros.

    - Mods specifically designed for compatibility with the Apex controller, including Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Auto Sprint, Jumpshot, and Quick Scope. Each mod can be added individually through the Mods Tab.


    You are welcome to build the controller here


    Please ask any questions as the info might've been a lot to take in, but it's really not that complicated.

  3. 10 hours ago, Meems said:

    thank you!,  will do, ..i saw youtube videos on how to fix drift. no way could i do that, that looks so hard to take all that apart. so absolutely i'll pay whatever you want.

    address on your store page? i'll look for it, ship it out, i'll put RMA?  and i'll put MEEMS on it , because you know, being famous and all, you get a pretty penny for my name on ebay. , thank you again! woohooo'



    For orders beyond the warranty period, an RMA is not necessary, just add your name on the package and ship the item to:

    Mega Modz

    16112 NW 13th Ave, STE C, Miami, Fl 33169


  4. On 8/19/2023 at 9:59 PM, Meems said:

    Not sure what to do, pretty sure i cant send it to sony. lol. you know how much I love Genshin, well the drift problem is bad so i cant play it anymore. characters just keep walking, and well not sure if you know genshin, but half the place is cliffs. lol.  its the left analog , everything else works fine. i notice i on gta as well, in the menus.  i'm pretty sure i have a warranty with you cute souls, but maybe you could check for me,  if not, i dont mind paying. cant take it anywhere else . so hows everybody? hope your getting lots of biz, no one deserves it more than you furry freaks.


    love ya



    Hi Meems, 

    How ya doing? Long time no talk😃


    Back to your controller, please go ahead and ship it back to us. You don't have an extended warranty, but we will do our best to the cost as low as possible as we love you too.




  5. 5 hours ago, Todd McClure said:

    Any update on the mod chips for ps5 dualsense edge controllers?

    Hello Todd, 


    Yes! We have yet to announce the option , but we have completed all testing - the thing came out beautifuly and we are super excited! The team is finishing up with tutorials to be added to the site as we speak. Just few more days and we do the launch🔥 Bare with us

  6. 55 minutes ago, Larry Xiong said:

    before i order one i have a few questions. how i turn on/off turbo and can i set turbo on square/tringle/X/Circle ?

    Hello Larry, 


    You can pair one stock controller button with one of the paddles on the back and make it turbo. No multiple button sequences are possible. 

    Turning turbo on/off is very simple, please scroll to the Setting Back Buttons On n Off section here.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Kevin McPherson said:

    Good Evening, 

        What is the process on returning items to get looked at? I would greatly appreciate it. Other than this issue I am thoroughly happy with my purchase thus far. 



    To request RMA, please access your User Dashbboard www.megamodz.com/account/sign-in, navigate Account/History/Orders/Return Item Button and follow the steps provided on the screen. 

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