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  1. 5 hours ago, Todd McClure said:

    Any update on the mod chips for ps5 dualsense edge controllers?

    Hello Todd, 


    Yes! We have yet to announce the option , but we have completed all testing - the thing came out beautifuly and we are super excited! The team is finishing up with tutorials to be added to the site as we speak. Just few more days and we do the launch🔥 Bare with us

  2. 55 minutes ago, Larry Xiong said:

    before i order one i have a few questions. how i turn on/off turbo and can i set turbo on square/tringle/X/Circle ?

    Hello Larry, 


    You can pair one stock controller button with one of the paddles on the back and make it turbo. No multiple button sequences are possible. 

    Turning turbo on/off is very simple, please scroll to the Setting Back Buttons On n Off section here.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Kevin McPherson said:

    Good Evening, 

        What is the process on returning items to get looked at? I would greatly appreciate it. Other than this issue I am thoroughly happy with my purchase thus far. 



    To request RMA, please access your User Dashbboard www.megamodz.com/account/sign-in, navigate Account/History/Orders/Return Item Button and follow the steps provided on the screen. 

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  4. On 2/4/2023 at 9:10 PM, Bob Verhasselt said:

    Hi, If I remap the R3 button to a back paddle, does it disable the R3 button? Or does the R3 still work? My goal is the disable my melee because I always accidentally push the R3 button when fighting in COD. Thank you!


    Hello Bob,


    Great question -  you are able to set the R3 to the back buttons and then disable the actual R3 Stick(melee). This way if you press the R3 stick nothing will happen (no more accidental melee during gun fights). You can then press the back button to activate R3.  Hope this helps 🙂

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  5. On 1/19/2023 at 8:30 AM, Deante Smith said:

    Anyone have any mod combinations they recommend for The Last of Us Multiplayer to complement Rapid Fire? Also any SPS recommendations for the rapid fire.

    Hello Deante, 


    For the TLOU multiplayer, we receommend using the default speeds. If you wish to try programming your own, please increase speeds very slightly, for example aim for 11- 15 sps and see if that works for you.


    Every game has a speed cap pre-set by the developer, that you can not go above. If you notice your weapon starts to slow down when programming, it means you've reached the highteset speed possible for that weapon and need to decrease sps a bit. 

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  6. 43 minutes ago, Jason Edington said:

    I've tried multiple configurations and auto sprint doesn't work in DMZ mode. 



    Are you able to activate the mod? Which led light do you get?


    Please follow these steps precisely to operate Auto SpintL 


    1. Make sure you have an available slot on our LED indicator. If all LEDs are taken, make sure you make one free.

    2. Hold down mod switch on the back then hold down R1 and while holding these 2 buttons down, push in Left Thumbstick. Aqua/light blue/greenish light will come on on the available LED.

    3. Now make your soldier walk by moving your left thumbstick UP and briefly tap L2 - your soldier will start spinning.


    You can shoot and aim anytime while sprinting, once you left L2 go, your soldier will continue sprinting. Please be advised that if you are able to activate the mod - it does function.


  7. 11 hours ago, GABRIEL KELLEY said:

    do really need mechanical face buttons if I have paddles.

    Hello Gabriel, 


    The features of mechanical face buttons and paddles are not connected. 


    Face buttons are the way to go If you're looking for fast input and response times. That's because they require minimal travel distance to activate, so you can get stock button commands in quickly.


    With paddles, you map any controller button commands to to back paddles and program with one of several macros offered. Once pressed, the programmed paddle will press the mapped button for you. There are  3 levels of macros you can choose from via:


    Standard Remap - Remap

    Advanced - Remap + Turbo

    Macro Remap - Remap + Turbo + Auto Double/Triple Tap + Continious Press


    You can have both features or select either. 


  8. 8 hours ago, George Hoffman said:

    Im looking to purchase or build a ps4 controller with just rapid fire r1 l1 buttons,

    Hello George, 


    Here is the direct link to purchase a standard black PS4 modded controller with Rapid Fire added -Build your own PS4 Pro Controller (megamodz.com)


    If you want to change the design or add more bells and whistles, visit the Controller Creator here


    Let me know if you were able to do it. 

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