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  1. Hey, I think you should follow general guidelines of esports tournaments, meaning that features like remap buttons, trigger locks are allowed. Because they are more about your play style and ergonomics. Mods or macros is a different story, they are not allowed as they can give you an advantage over others. With that you can def allow pro mega modz controllers with back buttons, trigger locks etc, just not with the mods.
  2. Hi, Neither a standard modded or a macro remap controller can do that. If you are ok with shooting rapid fire with a back button, then you can go with a macro remap ps4 controller.
  3. Latency is def different for everyone because of the things like internet connection or connection to the host server. Check out the tutorial that gives exact steps on how set up macros to green shot. . Every situation is different so the steps in the video must be repeated for the users specific individual case https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQWCtxE7_rQ&t=4s Basically go online and start adjusting the macro timing to compensate for the latency that you are experiencing
  4. So when using the anti recoil mod, you are able to adjust and fine tune it for the weapon that you are using. When you pick up another weapon, well you’ll need to readjust the anti recoil mod again because every weapon has a different recoil pattern. The anti recoil mod won’t automatically adjust for the weapon which you are using. Now if you are someone who will just stick to using one or two weapon for the whole game then you will be good. Now if you are using like 5 different guns in a game then it will be annoying since the anti recoil mod is set for another weapon. Hope that helps
  5. You wanna get a ps4 macro remap controller for nba 2k21 for automatic green shots.
  6. Hi, if your gaming system is PS4, I would suggest to look into a macro remap ps4 controller. You can program different types of macros with it and use it with any game. A modded controller may be easier to use since all you have to do is just enabled pre-programmed mods, but you will be limited to using it with Fortnite and COD from your list.
  7. It doesn't have to be on the third slot, if jump shot is your only or the first non-shooting mod activated, it will take slot 2. Slot 1 is for rapid fire
  8. Do you save the setting? You have to press the mod button to save it..
  9. 3 and 4 should be good. You sure on the 3rd one? You know how to check the sub mode you are in? For the 3rd one you should be having top left, top right and bottom left led slots in red.
  10. It sounds like you either not using default layout or didn't select the right sub-mode. Are you jumping with X?
  11. Hi, you don't need using a macro button at all if you want rapid fire on r1. You need to change the layout on your controller to Default Flipped and you will get r1 as you rapid fire button.
  12. Hi, fast reload is a bit complicated compared to other mods. If you get the lights on when activating the mod, it means it's on but most likely you are in the wrong sub-mode. Fast reload has 10 sub-modes and they have a chart on their site that tells you which sub-mode you should be in to be able to use the weapon you want. If you don't use the sub-mode your weapon is assigned to, it won't fast reload for you.
  13. I've had the same problem, rapid fire only worked for 1 round of search and destroyed the next round , it was flashing and only shooting 1 bullet. You need to change the sub-mode to one of the standard rapid fire ones 1 - 3. You are in Tactical sub-mode now which is 4 - 6. You wanna check what sub-mode you are in, hold mod button and r2, it will flash in white and then led will show you the current sub-mode based on the color code. Then you hold r2 to go up on a sub-mode and l2 to go down. Once you get 1, 2 or 3 red lights, means you are in sub-mode 1 2 or 3, so you select the one you need and save it.
  14. Sean, I've had it. When r1 & l1 do not respond and also you can't activate rapid fire - it means the controller went into a sleeping mode which means the controller is not charged enough. Check on your power supply, I ended up replacing mine as it appeared it wasn't charging well, and then just press the Home button to wake the controller up.
  15. I say wait... It's kinda long but not too long, their mods are the best, you are gonna love it. If the wait is too long for you, check with others, what they offer.. In my opinion, anyone offering less than 2 weeks now is suspicious, means they have few orders and thats not a good sign
  16. Nah, you're good man... I have 2 controllers from mega modz and they are undetectable online, at least I've had no problems with my account with fortnite or modern warfare.
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