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  1. Mine started doing that after I dropped it. Had to send it to mega for repairs.
  2. Ahh okay..Thanks man sorry about the confusion, it works!!!! 😝
  3. I just did it again, it rumbled but didn't move the orange LED to the 3rd slot, it went back to the 2nd LED 😭
  4. Hold down the mod button on the back and the Circle button until it flashes white, then I press r2 and the LED moves to the 3rd but the orange LED for Jump shot goes back to 2 😫
  5. okay it's on sub mod 2, that's part of the issue I'm having too, It wont let me switch to sub mod 3-4
  6. X is my current jump button, what sub-mode is good for fortnite?
  7. Hi, I'm needing help setting up jump shot for Fortnite. I've turned on jump shot and it's on the 3rd sub menu. However it's tied to my edit button. So every time I shoot it goes into the edit mode for the build, I'm running and it's throwing up a build/wall when it's not needed to do
  8. Hi Ivan, Have you tried factory reset? Worked on mine: Hold down the mod switch and tap PS-Home button, then release both buttons. All four LEDs will glow WHITE indicating the mod is now awaiting further input. Hold down the PS-Home button and tap D-Pad Down. A special WHITE blinking LED sequence will play back and the mod will re-program itself back to the factory default setting. Turn the controller off and back on.
  9. Thank you, but I still don’t know which one. Is it possible to have the link to that controller so I could just get it. It would make my life easier ????
  10. What’s the best controller for ps4 and for fortnite game? Ideally I am looking to be able to drop/jump shot, auto run, auto scope, fast build(one build button) and others. The controller needs to have programmable buttons or paddles on the back and I’m not bothered about colour or colouring it. Thanks in advance
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