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  1. (Ps4) Trying to set up Fast reload , jump shot and dual trigger. Seems when i turn on dual trigger. Then hold down the L2 to aim it doesn't work .
  2. Whats the best mod setup for black ops 4 . I seem to can't get it right 😕
  3. Okay so I've been trying to get a shipping label so you guys could fix my controller. The square and the circle button are in the wrong places. I haven't received anything yet, not even an email from you guys. Very frustrated!
  4. Okay so I've been trying to get a shipping label so you guys could fix my controller and I haven't received anything yet. Very frustrated!
  5. Okay guys so two things that worry me a bit. Isn't the square button suppose to be where the circle button is. By them not doing that correctly will that throw the whole controller off. Second. When I activate a few of my modz on BO4 it doesn't work properly unless I still need to figure it out. For an example. I'll turn on AUTO SPOT and it never spots anybody thats near me. When I turn on AUTO SPRINT it doesn't auto sprint me. I have to hold down the L3 button to auto sprint. The only one that foes work is the DROP SHOT and somewhat the RAPID FIRE MOD. Someone let me know if I need to send this back for them to fix it or not.
  6. Hello guys . So I was playing black ops 4 lastnight and set the modz that I wanted. I went to turn all of them off expect and one of them just won't turn off. I even cut my game system off until the next day. Just turned it back on and that mod is still lit up. Even when I was in a gameplay like when I try to aim with the L2 button. It glitches real bad like i don't know what to do at this point .
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