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Found 5 results

  1. Auto Spot comes with 4 sub-modes. To use it in Warzone, change to sub-mode 3 or 4. Access Written Instrutions or watch quick tutorial:
  2. Hello Fans, You asked - we delivered! Auto Spot (Auto Ping) mod is now compatible with Warzone 🔥 Auto Spot has always been a Battlefield mod solely and had 2 sub-modes in it, and we've been getting MANY requests about it from COD (Warzone especially) players. We did listen and added a 3rd sub-mode, Enemy Auto Ping, that is compatible with Warzone and allows you to ping enemies and danger. Just press the SQUARE button while scoping in to get your enemies marked! To read more details and tips on the mod mechanics, visit https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods/updated-auto-spot * *Auto Ping is currently available for PS4 system (Xbox One coming soon) and is a part of Juggernaut pack Comment below if you want to give it a try 👇
  3. Hi, my controller won't auto spot and keeps throwing grenades. I am playing warzone. Has anyone experienced this issue??
  4. Okay guys so two things that worry me a bit. Isn't the square button suppose to be where the circle button is. By them not doing that correctly will that throw the whole controller off. Second. When I activate a few of my modz on BO4 it doesn't work properly unless I still need to figure it out. For an example. I'll turn on AUTO SPOT and it never spots anybody thats near me. When I turn on AUTO SPRINT it doesn't auto sprint me. I have to hold down the L3 button to auto sprint. The only one that foes work is the DROP SHOT and somewhat the RAPID FIRE MOD. Someone let me know if I need to send this back for them to fix it or not.
  5. Why are you allowed to purchase it under the juggernaut mainset up and not told it doesnt work but.. if something isn't going to work we should not be charged with it or atleast it should be told to is a head of time cuz thatz another 6.99 that I would not have spent knowing it sidnt work for cod games since I only got it with the juggernaut package.. everytime I use the quick scope, it fires a shot as soon as it goes in.... then I have to turn rapid fire off sometimes cuz it glitches..please tell me what else I can't use at the same time while I'm playing modern warfare please.
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