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  1. Also the new guns added to warzone would be good like the amax it's been in game for ages and no reload times for it
  2. Has there been any updates for the cold war guns still quite a few missing from this list ?
  3. Thanks for the heads up it's defo not been dropped and the packaging was fine when delivered I may need to get in touch for a repair
  4. Hi I've noticed an issue while using my controller (less than a month old) while playing COD warzone and aiming down sights mainly 3-4x scope or sniper the site jitters off target to the left it makes targeting impossible or extremely difficult (all mods are switched off) I switched back to my original PS4 controller and the issue stoped instantly my friend said he has a similar issue with his new controller from mega modz Dose anyone have any advice to fix or is it a return for repair situation ?
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