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  1. Thanks for the info. It seems like almost every "mod" starts out like that ... "unfortunately, this is the limitation ..." "It will only work if you use it in this specific situation, in this way, and only on Thursdays after 1:00pm." Too bad for consumers the limitations, bugs, and real life scenarios aren't listed where people can clearly see them for each mod. Of course I wouldn't have bought the controller if that was the case, so makes sense for you from a business perspective to keep all of the real life usage buried in the tutorials, if at all. For example, I don't see the limitation for snipers breath listed anywhere. I regret buying the controller.
  2. The instructions mention rapid fire could possibly help full auto weapons with less recoil. Is there a speed setting people discovered that works well for this scenario? Everything I have tried actually makes the full auto guns fire slower.
  3. Sniper's breath in Call of Duty prevents you from using L3 to change the zoom level of the scope. If sniper's breath is active you cannot even use the high zoom option at all. Even if you set the zoom to high before turning on sniper's breath, the zoom level goes back to normal.
  4. Has anyone discovered a custom timing that works for guns in Cold War? None of the presets seem to work.
  5. Thanks for the info! I don’t think you can reprogram that action though. None of the preset layouts even change what the square button does. I think it’s a kind of unusable until the option to use the left stick is available.
  6. In Warzone I have to press the square button, not X to auto ping. R2 + square is also the same command to “peek” open a door. I keep forgetting the auto ping is active and alerting every time I open a door. The instructions and message above say to press X. Why would mine be square?
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