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  1. Ya I know how to setup a green shot. That’s not the problem. The problem is to successfully use the controller paddle to auto green you have to exactly reproduce the shot that you recorded the timing for. So for example, if you set it up for a wide open three green timing. Then when you do a step back 3 it’s not the same timing so not auto green. If you catch and shoot that is also a different timing. So basically the “auto green claim” is for situations at best. Other products detect the controller vibration for release therefor it is universal. And you mention the video. The guy in the video is in a local hosted practice with no latency or defenders to effect shots, therefore useless unless you want to green in practice solo mycourt... Don’t give canned responses, makes it easy to tell you have never even played 2k21 to know the difference.
  2. Due to latency in online games. If you setup the shot to green with megamodz paddle, it is different once you go online and deal with the latency difference. Does anyone have a jumpshot and MS time WITH Rec latency?
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