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  1. This is my second controller from Meg Modz. The first one was purchased for my PS4 with all of the mods installed back in 2014, was/is my daily controller and the unit still works great. I made the move over from Evil Controllers who for some reason could not deliver a working controller to me. I'll give them credit for trying several times, but they could never come through and I took a chance on Mega Modz and have been happy ever since. So I purchased the PS5 controller with only 1 mod.....Rapid Fire. I'm a very simple man now as compared to 8 years ago. 8>). Things I love about the new iteration of this modded controller: LED Lights are now recessed and flush. It wasn't like that in the past which limited the charging cradles that you could use with the PS4 controllers You can now shut off the mod by double-tapping the Triangle button. You never used to be able to do this on the PS4 controller which limited your ability to drive vehicles or repair vehicles in BF4 with the mod on. It came with a user manual. I know this sounds trivial, but at least I'm not downloading pages of mod instructions. Things I hate about the new iteration of this modded controller: None So if you are still deciding and you're reading through the forums to help you with your choice and you happen to read this post, I really hope this helps you with your decision. I couldn't be happier and will be waiting to put in my next order with Mega Modz when the PS6 comes out.
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