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James Brady

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A new unique mod for Warzone has been released? Armor Repair Assist will repair your armor in the most optimal manner.

Several available sub-modes, easy to use, #onlyforWarzone. 

Since it's a new feature, we would love to hear your feedback. Have you used it? Do you find it useful, what do you like about it and what don't?



Thank you for visiting Mega Modz Forums! Here you will find useful tips and answers from product experts and other community members. Ask questions, help others - the power of collective mind is hard to overestimate ? 

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Hello Avery,

There is no such a game mechanics (Armor Repair) in Modern Warfare. Health regeneration in Modern Warfare Multiplayer is automatic therefor there is no way to optimize it using mods/macros. However, there is a Tactical Equipment in the game called Stim Shot. It speeds up the auto-health regeneration that is in the game already but just a few seconds overall.

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