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Does this work on DMZ(MW2)?

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1 minute ago, Jason Edington said:

Auto sprint, Fast reload, Rapid fire doesn't work and if you turn on different mods some buttons work differently. Like L2 is supposed to LDS but instead it'll throw grenades. Gets confusing. 

It's important to understand each function's performance to properly operate a modded controller.


7 minutes ago, Jason Edington said:

Like L2 is supposed to LDS but instead it'll throw grenades

For instance this particular example. It looks like you have activated the Auto Spot Mod but didn't change the sub-mode. The one you have ON right now is designed for Battlefield Games and you are playing Warzone. The reason it gets confusing is that the wrong sub-mode was activated. 


There is no intuitive way to use it. Each function presents an additional layer of controller functionality. Activating mods without knowing how they work will make your gameplay confusing.


I would recommend getting familiar with each Mod functionality one by one before creating mod combinations.


We have mods video instructions here



As well as the detailed written instructions here


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43 minutes ago, Jason Edington said:

I've tried multiple configurations and auto sprint doesn't work in DMZ mode. 



Are you able to activate the mod? Which led light do you get?


Please follow these steps precisely to operate Auto SpintL 


1. Make sure you have an available slot on our LED indicator. If all LEDs are taken, make sure you make one free.

2. Hold down mod switch on the back then hold down R1 and while holding these 2 buttons down, push in Left Thumbstick. Aqua/light blue/greenish light will come on on the available LED.

3. Now make your soldier walk by moving your left thumbstick UP and briefly tap L2 - your soldier will start spinning.


You can shoot and aim anytime while sprinting, once you left L2 go, your soldier will continue sprinting. Please be advised that if you are able to activate the mod - it does function.


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