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Why Mega Modz?

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Hello Mega Modz community! I am on search for my first modded Xbox One controller and debating between 2 companies now. I would appreciate any feedback about Mega Modz, their mods, what makes them stand out from the competition, why I should go with them. Thanks in advance!!?

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Hi Theo, 

Thank you for the great question,  I believe this answer  will be useful for a lot of users, not only for those choosing between different brands, but for all newcomers and those unfamiliar with a modded controller concept. 

What stands Mega Modz apart from the competition is the technology. Everyone is looking to advance their gaming performance with a modded controller while being able to operate it on the fly. Mega Modz delivers that. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a large variety of performance modifications to be installed onto a controller: mods, macros, remapping and other enhancements. Every controller comes with the latest modchip developed in-house by own engineering team.

Simple and user-oriented controller navigation is a must. Mega Modz products are operated thru existing controller buttons. They feature a mod switch mounted on the back, one extra button used for operations related to turning mods on/off, switching sub-modes, programming custom values. A special color coded LED indicator will be informing you of the activated settings and make operating and customizing mods very simple. You may find useful checking out online Instructions for accessing step-by-step tutorial on each mod and getting a better idea on the Mega Modz technology.

Regular upgrades and adding new features is important. You don't want to be playing 2020 games with mods designed several years back ? Mega Modz technology is constantly evolving - the last major hardware and software upgrade took place in 2019 when the modchip and most mods were redesigned and improved, you can read more about it here https://megamodz.com/blog/2019-ps4-mod-controller-new-hardware-and-software-upgrades. The latest addition is the Armor Repair Assist mod, an exclusive Warzone mod. 

Post purchase customer care is another factor to be considered. Mega Modz offers full-time tech support via standard methods like emails and Live chat, and has a profound knowledge base provided thru the Blog, Help Center, the Forums. There is zero chance of being stuck with unanswered question. 

This should cover it all and may appear even a little overwhelming ? but it provides all necessary information to ensure you make a knowledgeable decision on your Xbox or Playstation modded controller purchase!

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I like megamodz technology, there is a learning curve involved in turning mods capabilities into actual skills in game. But once you take your time to understand how mods work, they become very easy to use and switch between. You can easily make your own modes for the mods. Once you got use to using the controller you could switch to a mod in matter of a heartbeat, so if you picked up a pistol you could turn on rapid fire and so on. 



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Okay so I can answer this one as I bought an elite 2 from a different place recently. I think what I really like about megamodz is exactly this. The forum interaction, the blog posts, etc. it is clear this is an modded controller website but it is also an all around gaming website IMO. Aside from getting impatient on my first order, and (probably) emailing too often, the staff has been incredibly patient and willing to help. 

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