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  1. Ty! I get it, totally makes sense now I love how other mods work, they r great!
  2. I like megamodz technology, there is a learning curve involved in turning mods capabilities into actual skills in game. But once you take your time to understand how mods work, they become very easy to use and switch between. You can easily make your own modes for the mods. Once you got use to using the controller you could switch to a mod in matter of a heartbeat, so if you picked up a pistol you could turn on rapid fire and so on.
  3. Ty it worked, I feel pretty stupid😄😄😄 Sucks auto spot is not compatible though
  4. I've got my ps4 modded controller and none of the mods work only rapid fire. I play Modern warfare, setup is tactical and I’m using rapid fire dropshot/jump shot and fast reload and auto spot . Ideas?????
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