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  1. Hello Mega Modz community! I am on search for my first modded Xbox One controller and debating between 2 companies now. I would appreciate any feedback about Mega Modz, their mods, what makes them stand out from the competition, why I should go with them. Thanks in advance!!?
  2. I play Apex most of the time and here is the setup that works for me the best. A and B buttons are set on the right paddles, X and Y on the left ones. Sensitivity curve for the right stick is on smooth, for the left one I have it on aggressive. I keep 5 - 20 sensitivity level for both triggers as I rest my fingers on them all the time and prefer to have some dead zone before they activate. 5 is the smallest value for the dead zone before the action happens, and 20 is the value at where it maxes out, it lets you zoom or fire quicker. Also I set right stick for melee and keep vibration off as
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