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What’s the best controller for ps4 and for fortnite game? Ideally I am looking to be able to drop/jump shot, auto run, auto scope, fast build(one build button) and others. The controller needs to have programmable buttons or paddles on the back and I’m not bothered about colour or colouring it. Thanks in advance

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I wish I could send you a link but there are Fortnite pre-configured controllers on the site. You will build it yourself, and it is very simple:

- You go to the Controller Creator https://megamodz.com/controller-creator/build-your-own-ps4-controller 

- On the right-hand side you will add MODS option,and scroll down to add these to your order: Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, JumpShot and Quick Scope

- Select exterior customizations if you wish

- You you are all set!

Build Your Own PS4 - Custom Controllers _ MegaModz.png

Build Your Own PS4 - Custom Controllers _ MegaModz2.png

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