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Custom Xbox Elite 2 Controller are back in stock!

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Hello Xbox Fans! Are you ready to pick out a new custom Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller to experience an advanced performance with your favorite games? Great looking mixed and solid color, matte, chameleon, themed and front shells will add more character to your controller. A full line-up of available custom Elite 2 faceplates is displayed here https://megamodz.com/store/xbox-one-elite-custom-controllers. Orders can be made via the same page as well. 

The extensiveness of available customizations on Xbox Elite 2 controllers is quite impressive and happens on 2 levels. The exterior customizations include an ability to replace several default controller components with other options included in the box. There are 2 d-pad styles, 3 analogue stick versions and 2 paddle types available. Performance modifications offered thru the Xbox Accessories App allow fine-tuning many parameters like buttons assignment, key sensitivity level, configuring custom user profiles.

Speaking of the latter, here is a great example of a custom Xbox Elite 2 controller setup, optimized for Fortnite. You can access it here: https://megamodz.com/blog/best-xbox-elite-controller-series-2-settings-for-fortnite

Do you have any setups that work magic for your favorite video games? Any cool or not so cool experience with Xbox Elite 2 controller? - They have to be calling it "the most advanced gaming controller yet" for a reason ? Your feedback may contain the info other users have been searching for!


баннер для поста в форуме v1 (1).jpg

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I love the middle one wow. How much are these?? Thanks for sharing, here is my input of setting up a custom profile for MW. I tend to use paddles more than buttons as it's quicker and more effective in my opinion. Also I do a lot of weapons changing, sliding along the ground, throwing lethals and non-lethals. These are my main settings:
I make the upper right paddle the right bumper and the other one left bumper for the simple fact you have to move your finger to get to your lethals and non-lethals, and this way I can do it better. Once I've done these 2, I usually set one of the bottoms ones (the left one for example) to crouch as when you set it up for B, it becomes much quicker for me to execute the action. The other bottom paddle I normally set for Y, so you can change weapons a little bit quicker. 

All other settings are completely up to you, but these ones literally make my life a lot easier and don't let me die fast. I hope someone will find it useful ?



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Hello, I play Xbox and been using Xbox One controllers since ever they came out, but I decided to upgrade to Elite 2 controller and loving it! The design and attention to detail is simply amazing. What made me upgrade is the freedom to configure the controller many different ways via the interchangeable components ❤️ Let's be objective here, no other controller offers that and of course the power of the Xbox Accessories App. It lets you play around with joystick sensitivity and button layout and tuning other things to your liking, paddles for example. 

This is how I customize my Elite 2 for Warzone, it's my first controller with rear paddles and the first thing I did was setting up one paddle to Jump, and the other one to Reload. What is gives you is that you don't have to need to take off your thumb from the right joystick to complete one of these actions. This comes super helpful in Warzone or any other fast-paced FPS where every millisecond counts. Another important customization is the adjustable joystick tension, that helps especially with minor movements, it feels like you can make them much more consistently.

If you play several games on a regular basis (this is not me, I get obsessed with one game for some time before moving to another) saving your customized settings to 3 profiles is a great option too. I've had mine for several months now and luckily haven't had any stick drifting or button sticking issues that other users seem to run into. This one is amazing btw ?


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I play Apex most of the time and here is the setup that works for me the best. A and B buttons are set on the right paddles, X and Y on the left ones. Sensitivity curve for the right stick is on smooth, for the left one I have it on aggressive. I keep 5 - 20 sensitivity level for both triggers as I rest my fingers on them all the time and prefer to have some dead zone before they activate. 5 is the smallest value for the dead zone before the action happens, and 20 is the value at where it maxes out, it lets you zoom or fire quicker. 
Also I set right stick for melee and keep vibration off as want to be as precise as possible. 

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Look what I got!! This is 🔥🔥🔥 Happy birthday for from me to me )))  I dunno if this will work out the same way for elite 2 controller but this is how how I had my elite 1 setup for BF5. 

Paddles mapping - top left = A, bottom left =X, top right = LB, bottom right = RS. My triggers were sitting at 30:50 for a full trigger pull. 

I'm super excited to try out elite 2 sticks sensitivity adjustment options, I've heard a lot of positive things about them. On my elite 1 I had them on Smooth. And to save the battery I always lower the vibration and the Home button brightness. 


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