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  1. For the ps5 the rapid fire mod. Can you turn it off or is it always on?
  2. Ordered mine in Covid season, and it was a month to build the mod and 4 days DHL Express to reach London, UK. I had to pay import tax as well
  3. Look what I got!! This is 🔥🔥🔥 Happy birthday for from me to me ))) I dunno if this will work out the same way for elite 2 controller but this is how how I had my elite 1 setup for BF5. Paddles mapping - top left = A, bottom left =X, top right = LB, bottom right = RS. My triggers were sitting at 30:50 for a full trigger pull. I'm super excited to try out elite 2 sticks sensitivity adjustment options, I've heard a lot of positive things about them. On my elite 1 I had them on Smooth. And to save the battery I always lower the vibration and the Home button brightness.
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