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Welcome NBA 2K21 fans!

Due to the increased number of inquiries about NBA 2K21 game ,we've created a separate topic for it:

¬†ūüĒ•¬†If you're good at it and want to contribute, go ahead and¬†share your best¬†settings with the community!

ūüĒ•¬†If you've tried Mega Modz¬†controller in the game, help others by giving tips on how to get an edge using the Macro Remap functionality in the game

ūüĒ•¬† If you have any questions regarding the game or gear, ask them here! We are happy to clear things up for you

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On 10/4/2020 at 1:15 AM, Ash A said:

Can anyone put me on to the best settings for my strike pack (PS4)! I use no meter and if anyone can hook me up that’ll be great 

Hi, I can share mine that I got from online and seem to be working fine for meūüĎá

In game/controller setting:

Shot Meter is ON,  although you play with meter off, I don't like doing so. Every time shot meter comes up, even if it is contested, it goes to the line green and when it's off  I cannot see if it's greens or not, I have better control with the shot meter on.
Vibration - On
Shot Aiming  - Shots and Layouts
Pro Sticks Function - Default
Pass Target Direction and Distance -  between 40 and 50
Everything else is good at Absolute /Auto/Default/Normal

In Mod Central app:
In Remapping Settings you need to make sure you have Disable Rumbles and Meter Advanced Settings checked. Disable Rumble doesn't vibrate your controller and you need vibrations in game. 

In Strike pack Mod Pass configuration Tool settings:

This is when you will need the Mod pass subscription active to be able to select the NBA 2K21 V1.1.2 game pack from available packs or it can be a different version number as it gets updated all the time. 
Global Mod Magic Shot - if you don't like spamming Square and don't want to get Steals, you can put it on Hold or tap Magic Shot. If you want to be able to steal the ball - make sure its disabled.
Magic Shot Angle Offset leave at 0
Class 1/ Left Paddle/Button 1 Mod and Class 2/Right Paddle/Button #2 Mod - put both to Magic Shot to be able to press either paddle to do a jumpshot.
Turbo Paddle Adjustable LP RP is at 50

With these settings you will be nailing your green shots. Let me know how these working out for you.




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On 10/11/2020 at 9:29 AM, Edward Peters said:

I could really use some help programming my mega modz macro ps4 controller for nba2k21.

It's a great idea to use the Mega Modz Macro Remap PS4 controller for programming a green shot mod in NBA 2K21, as it allows to program own timing for the Square button to be held down for.

To execute a perfect green shot, you will need to:
- Assign the Square button to one of the macro buttons on the back
- Get into sub-mode 5 which is Continuous Press and configure the timing in a programming mode (from 300 ms to 10 sec) 
- Every time you tap the assigned macro button, the mod  will hold it down for you for the time programmed

Configuring exact timing is another story and we suggest using a stopwatch, for example, to get an idea and then play around with the settings by increasing/decreasing timing in small portions (100ms) until you get it right. 

It would be great if you share your experience with us! 

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Now with NBA 2K21 adding shot aiming,  Is there a way to mod a controller just to pick up a straight down movement? I remember years ago, a company made one for Tiger Woods PGA & you would press a little button at the back of the controller and its would disable the right stick of any side movements from the stick and just pick up a straight up and down movement, and when you want its to go back to normal, you would just press the little button at the back again.

Maybe its not possible now but with that you would not have to worry about latency's as it would just come down to you're shot aiming.

I am looking into getting an Mega Modz Macro Remap PS4 controller, but I will wait to see how people get it with it. My worry the timing will always be different due to latency & you would have to keep programming it.


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Hi Dan,

Thank you for your input on the subject. 

We are not planning to come out with anything similar to this.

17 hours ago, Dan Bates said:

I remember years ago, a company made one for Tiger Woods PGA & you would press a little button at the back of the controller and its would disable the right stick of any side movements from the stick and just pick up a straight up and down movement, and when you want its to go back to normal, you would just press the little button at the back again.

 As our main focus now is the new-gen controllers.

Our PS4 Macro Remap controller is not game-specific. It is a universal tool that can be utilized in almost every game out there. It offers very simple customizable macros by setting up instructions on the macro buttons. (straight remap, turbo mod, double & triple taps, and continues press)
In our last product hardware update, we’ve also added trigger locks. A very nice addition to have.

As for the latency issue, the main question is how often the green shot timing is getting changed.
Is it something that depends on your player position? What else contributes to it? Or it’s something that gets changed whenever a new game update is out?

Changing timing is easy via programming mode. It gets saved every time you configure new settings. Plus you can configure 2 Macro Buttons with pretty close timing to cover the most cases. 

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21 hours ago, Billy Jones said:

Is it possible to set the macro to    .541 or will it have to be     .540?

The minimum unit of time that can be changed in the settings is 10 ms.

1 ms (the difference you're referring to) is too small/fast to make any difference in any game. As a reference, the blink of an eye is between 200 and 300 ms. 

Games don't operate on such small numbers, not to mention a human brain processing speed starts from 100 ms at the very best. 




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MACRO REMAP TIPS¬†(watch the Tutorial¬†firstūüĎÜ):

- When entering a programming mode, you don't have to do it consecutively following sub-mode adjustment. For instance, you scrolled to the 5TH sub-mode, then turned your controller off.  And the next day you turned it back on and need to adjust the timing in this particular (5TH) sub-mode - you can go ahead and enter a programming mode (Mod Button + PS Home Button) and pick up where you left off last time. The last timing will be there even if you changed  sub-modes previously. The programming mode will always pick the sub-mode you're currently in.

- When in the 5TH sub-mode: You can hold the Macro Button down for any period of time,  but it doesn't need to be held down - rather it needs to be clicked. If you don't click it but hold it down instead for too long,  it will pass the previously programmed timing window. In the case of the 0.64 sec custom timing,  if you click it, then  the modchip will hold the programmed button down for 0.64 sec. If you keep holding it and pass the 0.64-sec timing, then the modchip won't release it on time.

- When in the 5TH sub-mode: If the Macro Button is pressed again while the programmed time is still in effect, the modchip will begin a new cycle and extend the time the paired stock button is pressed. For instance, your programmed timing is 1 sec, and if you happen to press the Macro button in the middle of the 1-sec cycle (or anytime along the cycle of 1 sec), then the modchip will extend the timing by the configured value. In this case, it will add another second to the continuous press. 

Bottom Line: So, anytime you want to execute a PERFECT GREEN SHOT,¬†you have to click the button. Do not hold it down¬†‚úĆÔłŹ

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