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  1. Never heard of such mod could be interesting though🙄
  2. Hi, I can share mine that I got from online and seem to be working fine for me👇 In game/controller setting: Shot Meter is ON, although you play with meter off, I don't like doing so. Every time shot meter comes up, even if it is contested, it goes to the line green and when it's off I cannot see if it's greens or not, I have better control with the shot meter on. Vibration - On Shot Aiming - Shots and Layouts Pro Sticks Function - Default Pass Target Direction and Distance - between 40 and 50 Everything else is good at Absolute /Auto/Default/Normal In Mod Central app: In Remapping Settings you need to make sure you have Disable Rumbles and Meter Advanced Settings checked. Disable Rumble doesn't vibrate your controller and you need vibrations in game. In Strike pack Mod Pass configuration Tool settings: This is when you will need the Mod pass subscription active to be able to select the NBA 2K21 V1.1.2 game pack from available packs or it can be a different version number as it gets updated all the time. Global Mod Magic Shot - if you don't like spamming Square and don't want to get Steals, you can put it on Hold or tap Magic Shot. If you want to be able to steal the ball - make sure its disabled. Magic Shot Angle Offset leave at 0 Class 1/ Left Paddle/Button 1 Mod and Class 2/Right Paddle/Button #2 Mod - put both to Magic Shot to be able to press either paddle to do a jumpshot. Turbo Paddle Adjustable LP RP is at 50 With these settings you will be nailing your green shots. Let me know how these working out for you.
  3. Just received my ps4 modded controller, and realized I've got a macro one, it comes with 2 big macro paddles on the back😵 Their policy says i have 10 days to try it out, I don't wanna give up so easily lol. Where do I start working with this thing? Has anyone tried it out? I play mortal combat, apex, gta5, cod.
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