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  1. That’s the problem, it’s already greening on 0.54 like I said in everwhere but the Rec & Park. I’ll mess with it more... but it can’t green any better, unless we’re talking never miss.... lol.... it’s weird
  2. I need help with my green light also, I guessed it at 0.54 cause it faster than the only other reference (Lebron at 0.64) & it works amazingly, super Green on any none moving shots with a lil space, BUT that’s only in My Court, Pro Practice Gym & Career mode, a soon as I go to the Rec & the park it won’t hit a shot, not even 1! Shot I can hit & green with out the MegaMod, won’t hit at all!!! Help!!!!!!
  3. What are some of the other values other that Lebron 0.64? How about Steph, D Wade & Dirk Nowitzki Pleeeeeease???
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