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Why is my rapid fire slow?

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Hi, Rapid Fire performance can be affected by a number of factors. Some key points for you:

  • RF is compatible with semi-auto and single shot weapons only (single shot weapons that have a very slow firing rate such as Bolt Action Rifles are also not a good fit for RF)
  • There is a speed cap for each game pre-set by the game developer that you can go above (COD games speed cup is pretty low, around 12-15 SPS)
  • It comes with 6 sub-modes and a programming mode
  • Use modes 1- 3 if you have semi-auto and/or single-shot guns in your Primary and Secondary slots. Speeds can be adjusted via a programming mode 
  • Use modes 4-6 if you’re playing with semi and fully-auto guns in one game round as it will allow you to quickly turn RF on/off by double tapping switching-weapon butt

You can find more details on each factor and how to optimize it here:





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