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  1. My rapid fire depends how gentle I press down on the trigger. Why does it shoot slower when I press down on it? My assist heal isn’t working we well
  2. Why would you correct me? Why did that bug you? Aside from that, how does rapid fire work? I press on the button on warzone and the way I tested the controller.... The harder I press on the trigger I shoot with, the slower it shoots. I tried resetting my controller and auto heal isn’t working.
  3. Same..... I’ve been waiting for whole month now. It sucks because we invest time and hard working money to reward ourselves. I got the excuse of tellling me that they are having shortage on a piece, why wasn’t I told this long time ago? I have been messaging this company for a while now. I get it.... High on demand but let us know or hire more people if it’s this long. I’m over here trying to hype this company and give them the credit. I mean whole month now and still no controller? The shipping label was created but I called ups.... They have been fine. Can someone reach out to me and tell me if it’s beeen delivered and what it looks like because I don’t have the description what they replaced it with. Literally don’t get any updates.
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