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Armor Repair Assist won't turn off

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Hi, I just received a ps4 juggernaut controller and only have armor repair assist mod on. So I turn it on, then off and I get the rumble feedback it has been off. But if I tap R2 while the mod is off, it starts applying the armor. It's like it never gets turned off. Help!

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Hello Arlie,

Thank you for your recent order with us.

It’s a bug that has been successfully fixed in our latest software update.

I assume you turn the Mod off by holding down the mod button and pressing the X.  
In this case, the LED light (pink) gets shut off but the mod itself stays ON. This is where it gets confusing since you have no indication of the mod being active but it’s still engaged.

There are other ways to turn it off though:

1. You can disable the mod by pressing the same buttons you were using to turn it ON. Mod button + R1 + Triangle.This method works just fine. 

2. You can perform a factory reset. It will also get the mod in the “OFF” state. Follow the link below to learn how to perform reset to a factory default


Scroll all the way down.

With that being said, you can utilize different methods to turn the mod Off. If that is still inconvenient for you please go ahead and send the controller back to us. All it takes is to get your modchip reprogrammed with a new update. 

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