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  1. My juggernaut controller wasn't connecting to my PS4 , it didn't register me hitting the ps button at all. I fixed the issue by unplugging my ps4 and plugging it back in.
  2. Hi Mundus, I was doing mod button + X, and then tried mod button + R1 + Triangle. Neither worked. Reset helped though, thanks
  3. Hi, I just received a ps4 juggernaut controller and only have armor repair assist mod on. So I turn it on, then off and I get the rumble feedback it has been off. But if I tap R2 while the mod is off, it starts applying the armor. It's like it never gets turned off. Help!
  4. I got my ps4 controller and have rapid fire, armor repair, super sprint enabled and want to do fast reload but when I do that one, it replaces the armor repair for the led. Is that to be expected? Was hoping to be able to use more mods but apparently there us only three that I can/will use cus the drop/jump shot is not gonna do it for me cus it throws me off lol
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