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  1. Yea, it was the weirdest thing. It charged on 3 different chargers for 2 hours a piece. So I knew there was no way it was a charging issue. One of them had to work. I searched forever. But yeah, holding share and ps button for 3-5 seconds reset the pairing function and it lit up and instantly connected to my ps4.
  2. I finally got it. I don’t believe it was a power issue. I tried 3 different chargers, PS charger, micro straight to the ps4, and to a wall outlet. I was searching online and finally found a reddit forum and had to wipe previous connects to another ps4. Aka I think the controller wasn’t recognizing my console because it was trying to recognize the console maybe at your guys warehouse from where you tested it. I had to press and hold Ps button and share button and the same time. I got an orange three blink, and then it popped up on my devices in settings almost instantly. I’ve always owned PS consoles, and never seen or heard of anything like that. Needless to say.
  3. Hi, I received my PS4 controller today, and it won't connect to the console. I read that Mega modz test every controller at the facility, can someone help with that?, I can't seem to find the answer, I see that the instructions mention that used power cords may cause problems, is that it?
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