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How many mods can be used at once

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Hello James,


Thank you for your recent purchase with us.


On 12/31/2022 at 9:00 PM, james pease said:

How many mods can be used at once? 

4 mods can be turned ON at once. 1 Shooting Mod (Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, etc.) and 3 special mods (Jump Shot, Auto Sprint, etc.)


All instructions can be found thru the link below



Each mod offers new, unique mechanics. It takes some time and practice to master each of them and utilize them in your gameplay. 

For first-time users, activating multiple mods simultaneously is not recommended since it may cause confusion. 

Instead, activate each mod one by one, and get familiar with the new mod's mechanics before creating your own mods combinations. 

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12 hours ago, james pease said:

Ok so on rapid fire if i do a custom fire rate do i loose all the preset fire rates . And if so can u reset the factory settings? And ty! This controller is dope i still suck but its soo nice!



Yes, by setting up custom fire rates you rewrite the factory default settings. It can be restored via easy steps though.

All you need to do to reset the modchip.

Here are the steps in the link below:



TIP: If you play COD Games, don't go over 17-18 SPS. The game's speed cup set up around that number. Going higher than that may cause your Rapid Fire Rate to slow down. 


We are glad you like the controller. Thank you. It means a lot to us! Keep practicing and you'll get better. 


PlayStation Modded Controllers - Mods Overview _ M.png

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