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Just want to be able to turbo a button and map it to a back paddle PS5

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On 11/23/2022 at 7:30 AM, Daniel daniel said:

So I want to be able to bind x to a back paddle and have it turbo when I click the paddle. 

But I still want the X button to be normal and not turbo.

Is this possible? DO i just need the rapid fire package?



Yes, this is exactly what our controllers can do. 


Rapid Fire is essentially a Turbo Mode for the stock controller buttons (either R2 or R1, depending on the controller-game layout) 


If you need paddles to perform Turbo Presses you want to go with the Advanced Buttons feature.


Please see the picture below.

Custom PS5 Controller Creator - Build Your Own _ M.png


Configure you controller here:


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5 minutes ago, Daniel daniel said:

can you make rapid fire press X instead of r1,r2?

No. That would be impossible. Rapid Fire only affects the R1 and R2 buttons. The "firing" buttons in shooting games. 

It also has nothing to do with the Back Paddles. 


Here is the full description of what Rapid Fire can and cannot do:



As well as the video Instructions:



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