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It's not pairing to my ps5 what do I do?

martin arce

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4 hours ago, martin arce said:

Help anyone e

Hello Martin,


Thank you for your recent order with us. 


Go ahead and connect your controller to the console via a USB cable, then let it sit for a couple of minutes. After that press the PS home button. It should be able to get connected.

Looks like the battery charge is at the lowest point. If it still doesn't work then consider replacing your USB cable. That might be the problem as well. 



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1 hour ago, Mark Hammond said:

Did not fix issue brand new controller charged all day. Does not sync wireless or wired. Swapped out cords. Same cords charge and connect to official ps4 controllers. Disappointed drop $200 on hype that doesn’t sync

Hello Marc, 


Thank you for the order. In 90% of cases, the not syncing issue with PS4 controllers is caused by insufficient power. You've mentioned you swapped cords, but did you try a brand new USB cord? If your current power supply has been in use for some time and even if it works fine for your standard controller, it won't necessarily deliver enough power to supply a good performance of the modchip. We do have some threads dedicated to the issue, this one as well. 


If suggested tips do not help,  we have to inspect the product back at our facility and eliminate the issue. To do that please sign into your user dashboard at www.megamodz.com/sign-in and proceed with rma (Account/Orders/Return Item gray button)

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