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ps5 macro remap

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Hello Audie,
There are 3 options for the PS5 controller back buttons:
- Macro Remap (remap, turbo auto double and tripe tap, continious press)
- Straight Remap - a standard, well known button remapping
- Turbo Mod - a popular, good old button mashing 
Macro remap is a stand alone macro chip that can not be combined with standard popular mods (rapid fire etc). Advanced and Straight Remap options can be installed together with mods, and in fact, that is the most popular combination for FPS games.


What games do you play? I will advise you on the best option for your needs..

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4 hours ago, Audie Vandervort said:

On build your own ps5 controller (back buttons) section. What does "Macro Remap" mean? Versus other options....?

Here is a good read about what the Macro Remap is and what it does. 


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