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James Brady

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Hello Mega Modz community, 

Our newest edition to the Warzone compatible mods line, the Armor Repair Assist Mod, just got an upgrade ?


  • 1st sub-mode stayed untouched. If you need to apply more than one armor plates then double-tap on the Reload Weapon Buton (X or Square) to execute the mod. This mechanic works perfectly and doesn't interfere with the game flow.
  • 2nd sub-mode now features a different execution process:

           In the original version, the mod was activated any time the users releases the ADS button (L2 for PS4 controllers and the Left Trigger for Xbox  One) which is not always the right move. Let's say, you are in the middle of an intense fight and your armor is partially or fully broken. Upon releasing the aim button, the modchip will start repairing armor on your behalf, one plate at a time. If the battle is not over yet, then your character may get shot and killed because you are stuck fixing an armor instead of shooting an enemy. Note that the game mechanics don't allow aim and shooting while repairing armor.

          In the latest revision, the user is able to choose whether or not to use an activated second sub-mode. Here is how it works now:

The armor Repair Assist mod still gets activated by releasing the ADS button, but now you have to quickly tap it in order to get the mod executed (the button must be pressed and released within 500 ms). It gives you more freedom and flexibility as now you can keep your finger on the right joystick and navigate your character while performing armor repair.

  • 3rd sub-mode is a new addition. It combines the 2 sub-modes functions for the ultimate gameplay and offers the user 2 ways to repair armor:
  1. One plate at a time by briefly pressing the ADS button
  2.  Up to 3 plates at a time by double-tapping on the reload button (Square, X)

Access all the details on the updated Armor Repair Assist mod and step-by-step instructions here:

https://megamodz.com/instructions/xbox-one/mods/armor-repair-assist - Xbox One

https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods/armor-repair-assist - PS4


  • A brand new mod developed specially for COD Warzone
  • Allows repairing armor in a faster and more efficient manner in the game
  • No more need to hold down the switching weapon button (Y or Triangle) with your thumb
  • Available as a part of the JUGGERNAUT pack or can be added individually 
  • Exclusively available at Mega Modz

Have you guys checked out the mod in action yet? What are you thinking so far?



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