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20 hours ago, kyjan de block said:

my xbox controller doesent work when i tunr it on it makes the richt stick go down

Hello Kyjan, 

Thank you for the recent order with us and we are sorry you are having issues with the controller.  Here are recommended steps:

1. Update the controller firmware via the Xbox Accessories App. 

2. Perform a factory reset of the controller following simple steps found at the bottom of this page:

2. If you are using a rechargeable battery and it's been in use for some time, please try BRAND NEW regular batteries, as even if your power supply works fine for your standard controller, it won't necessarily deliver enough power to supply a good performance of the modchip.

If suggested steps do not help, we need to have it back to our facility for inspection and repairs/replacement https://megamodz.com/returns-and-repairs and we will take care of the issue. 

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