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I just got an Xbox one modded controller with REMAPPABLE BUTTONS & TRIGGER LOCKS. I was able to remap the buttons but I'm trying to program the continuous press on them as well. Everything I see for this feature is for ps4 controllers and not xbox one. Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible with?

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Hi, your controller comes with Rapid Fire, remappable buttons and trigger locks. 

Continuous Press is a feature offered by the Macro Remap functionality that is currently offered for PS4 products only. It is not available for Xbox controllers and you don't have it installed. 

Things you can do:

- take advantage of Rapid Fire mod in shooting and battle roayle games https://megamodz.com/instructions/xbox-one/mods/updated-rapid-fire

- remap your controller buttons https://megamodz.com/instructions/xbox-one/paddles

- take advantage of trigger locks functionality




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