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I have issue when playing MW Warzone. My issue is when i activate my rapid fire, it makes my vehicle move slow. Meaning if i were to drive a vehicle it doesnt accelerate like normal. Can it be fixed? And another issue is when i activate my auto spot, it makes me throw my frag/semtex whenever i press my L2 Button. So whenever i have ADS or Pressing down my L2 button it will throw my throwables everybsingle time.

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Hello Muhammad,

Thank you for your question.

When you drive vehicles in Warzone it is required to press and hold the R2 button (In Default Layout). Once you have the Rapid Fire Mod activated anytime you press and hold the R2 button the modchip is spamming this button for you. So you will never get maximum speed out of a vehicle because the R2 is never fully pressed and held. 

Here is the solution.
Our Rapid Fire Mod offers the “Tactical” feature. For gaming situations, as you describe (driving vehicles in Warzone) you may quickly disable the Mod by double-tapping on the switching weapon button (Triangle). Make sure you scroll to the appropriate sub-mode first. Only sub-modes 3-6 offer this feature. 

Here are a few things you may not aware of:

  • Once you disable the Rapid Fire Mod by double-tapping the Triangle button the Red light on the LED indicator will start blinking indicating that the mod has been temporarily turned off. Otherwise, the Red light will stay solid.  
  • The rumble motors will vibrate to notify you about the current state of the Mod. Once the Mod gets turned ON the motors will vibrate for 1 second. Once it gets turned off it’ll vibrate for 0.5 seconds. Very convenient as you now don’t have to keep track of the LED indicator and take your eyes off the game screen.  

You can find full Rapid Fire instructions by accessing the link below

As of right now, the Auto Spot is not compatible with Warzone. It only works with Battlefield games.
It is recommended not to use this Mod while playing titles other than Battlefield as it will cause a lot of confusion. 

Full Auto Spot instructions

The good news is that we’ve been working on the update that will allow us to use Auto Spot feature in Warzone. It should be ready and available by the end of the month. 

Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.  

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12 minutes ago, Joanna Chamblee said:

I'm having this issue with no mods on? 



Our record indicates that you were having issues with your controller before, apart from the Vehicle speed issue. Please go ahead and send you controller back for an inspection. 

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