5 Awesome Online Games You Must Try

Bored sitting at home and looking for a way to pass the time? Try some of these fun and challenging games!

5 Awesome Online Games You Must Try

Seems Like Everyone Is a Gamer

Right now, in this time of consoles, computers, and smartphones, where the internet is widely available, everyone is playing some kind of game. People walk around or sit around with their faces glued to a screen. Some people play senseless games that do nothing for them other than provide stress relief and enjoyment. Some people play games that build concentration and memory, but no matter what their taste, they are playing.

More People Are Playing Than Ever Before

Gaming used to be a thing for the younger crowd. Older people used to scoff at the idea of playing video games and called the younger crowd lazy zombies. Now, even the older people are jumping on the gaming bandwagon, but what should you do if you’re a new gamer and have no clue where to start? Go online and research of course!

The Internet Has Done Wonders For Gaming

The Internet Has Done Wonders For Gaming

The internet is an amazing invention and it has done wonders for the gaming world. Because of the internet, people can play games with their friends and family. They can buy games digitally so they do not have to fear expensive discs getting scratched. The internet is a great thing for gamers, but what kinds of games can you find that are simple but awesome enough to hold the interest of a not so serious, sometimes gamer?

Free Games

There are a lot of paid gaming sites, but these sites normally turn people off. They have things like seven-day free trials, but no one wants to have to put in their credit card information. Fortunately for the less than serious gaming community, there are plenty of free games that you can find to play every day! Everyone likes free stuff and people who play games are no exception.

Check Out Mahjong

Free Online Mahjong Games - Play Mahjong For Free

Mahjong is a fun game that can be played with a group of people in person or a single person over the internet. It is a wonderful matching tile game that can be quickly learned. A lot of sites that have Mahjong games have daily Mahjong puzzles that you can complete. When playing Mahjong on the computer by yourself it is a game of removing tile after tile until you clear the board. Sometimes you get stuck, but Mahjong is a game that can help with the health of your brain, and after you play so many times you just get the hang of it.

Crosswords Puzzles Are Great Too

It used to be that you could only find a daily crossword puzzle in the newspaper, but the internet has become a game-changer here as well. There are plenty of sites that offer up a daily crossword puzzle. This is good because crossword puzzles can improve critical thinking skills and vocabulary. Think of a crossword puzzle as Sudoku with words instead of numbers. Figuring out the clues can be fun, sometimes difficult, but educational. It is kind of like playing a little daily trivia game by yourself.

Do I Have To Know Math For Sudoku?

Solving a Sudoku puzzle can be done in many ways. You can use your math skills as each line and corner is supposed to add up to a certain number, but math skills are not required. Simple guessing and deduction work with Sudoku as well. There are a lot of sites that provide daily Sudoku puzzles, so you do not even have to leave your house to play this interesting game. Sudoku not only improves your critical thinking skills, but it also improves memory and can ward off Alzheimer’s. One puzzle a day is all it takes.

Solitaire And Other Such Card Games

Everyone knows what it is like to play Solitaire with a deck of cards but with the internet, you no longer need a deck that you have to shuffle. You can find this game and other card games like Hearts on all sorts of websites. Games like these can be very entertaining to play by yourself. Not only are these games entertaining, but they can also be outlets of stress relief. Solitaire and other card games also help to improve your logic skills and critical thinking.

Fun Games And Brain Builders

Fun Games And Brain Builders

Games like Mahjong, Solitaire, Sudoku, and Crosswords are daily games that you can play to build your brain function. Most of these games help with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease or improve critical thinking skills. These types of games can also improve your critical and logical thinking skills, plus your memory. Keeping your brain active will help you to learn faster and easier as well.

While you are building your brain with these games you will be having fun too. Having fun is a great stress reliever. Having a way to get your stress out can improve your life and will make you a much happier person. Being happier will improve your relationships with your friends and family.

Not Time-Consuming

One of the greatest features of these games is that they do not take loads of time to play. You can complete most of these games in under 30 minutes. A lot of people use time constraints as an excuse to not play games, but 30 minutes out of a 24-hour day to improve your brain and body isn’t a lot of time to put aside.

Why You Should Play These Games

Beyond making you smarter, games are fun. Discovering new games to play can also brighten a person’s day, especially when they are free games. Every single one of these games can make small improvements to your everyday life that you may not even notice until they are occurring. You might smile a little bit more, or be able to pick up on things faster. Making these kinds of small improvements in your everyday life can make you a happier person in general. Lower your stress levels and improve your brain-building skills today by checking out one of these awesome games!

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