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Brad Starnes

PS4 modded controller issues

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Hi I was wondering if anybody's had any issues with the PS4 modded controller,  The reason is because mine is out of warranty and wouldn't you know it the right analog stick starts drifting randomly,  Also my mod lights on the back quit working.  I'm not sure where to take my controller to get it fixed and  I'm definitely no electronics expert.....  Any help is appreciated

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Hello Brad,

You can send your controller back to us. We will take a look. Fixing the LED  indicator isn’t the problem. The main problem is the stick you’re having problems with. Unfortunately, there is no fix for that. It’s incredibly hard to remove one from the motherboard and install a new one. It’s built that way by Sony on purpose so users would need to buy a new controller instead of replacing a stick. 

Controller sticks are the most sensitive parts of a controller. Dropping a controller or excessively pressing stick will shorten their lifespan causing them to twitch, drift, or quit working altogether.  

We can keep all the parts (modchip, components, shells and buttons) but will need to replace the entire controller board. The repair cost will be around $60 plus shipping ($4,99). All our customers whose products are out of warranty and not older than 12 months are eligible for this repair fee only once. We don’t make any profit from such repairs. The goal is to support our customers. 

Here is the link below to get familiar with the returning process in case you are interested.



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