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Ps5 controller macro setup/mods

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4 hours ago, Donaven Hebert said:

Hi I just ordered a ps5 macro controller with macro remap I see that one of the mods says aim better ? I hat aim mods does this controller come with ?


The controller you've purchased comes with the PS5 Macro Remap functionality.

The full instructions can be found through the link below:


It also explains how to configure the most popular mods (section Programming Popular FPS Mods)

As for the aiming part, the Aim button (L2 in default layout) can be mapped to the paddles on the back and further configured with various settings of the 5 sub-modes. The simple examples that come to mind would be the Straight Remap (use a paddle to aim instead of the L2 button) or the Continuous Press (sub-mode #5). It will allow keeping the aim zoomed in on a single paddle press for the time it has been configured (1 sec, 2 sec, etc.). If that fits your aiming pattern in the game you play.

The whole Idea of the Macro Remap functionality is about the user creating common button press patterns via simple macros. Think Rapid Fire (the fire button is pressed rapidly) or Burst Firing (the semi-auto gun will shoot in bursts for increased accuracy). The Macro Remap function is not game-specific and can be utilized in every game on the market. 

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